March 29, 2011

Hardball Times: Red Sox Will Win World Series

The Hardball Times staff have posted their 2011 predictions. Some extremely relevant parts are as follows:

                      1st    2nd    3rd    4th    5th
Derek Ambrosino       BOS    NYY    TOR    TB     BAL
John Barten           BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
Vince Caramela        NYY    BOS    TB     TOR    BAL
Mike Clark            NYY    BOS    TOR    BAL    TB
David Gassko          BOS    NYY    TB     TOR    BAL
Jeffrey Gross         BOS    TB     TOR    NYY    BAL
Jonathan Halket       BOS    NYY    TB     BAL    TOR
Chris Jaffe           NYY    TB     BOS    TOR    BAL
Brad Johnson          BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
Mat Kovach            TB     NYY    BOS    TOR    BAL
Kevin Lai             BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
Max Marchi            TB     TOR    NYY    BOS    BAL
Bruce Markusen        BOS    NYY    TB     BAL    TOR
Rory Paap             BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
Ben Pritchett         BOS    NYY    TOR    TB     BAL
Josh Shepardson       BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
Greg Simons           BOS    NYY    TB     TOR    BAL
Paul Singman          BOS    TOR    NYY    TB     BAL
Dave Studeman         BOS    NYY    TB     TOR    BAL
Paul Francis Sullivan BOS    NYY    TB     TOR    BAL
Steve Treder          BOS    TB     NYY    TOR    BAL
David Wade            BOS    NYY    TB     TOR    BAL

                  WC     MVP        Cy Young      ROY
Derek Ambrosino   NYY    Cabrera    Lester        Pineda
John Barten       TB     Longoria   Verlander     McGee
Vince Caramela    BOS    Rodriguez  Anderson      Hellickson
Mike Clark        BOS    Mauer      Pavano        Hellickson
David Gassko      NYY    AGonzalez  Lester        Hellickson
Jeffrey Gross     TB     Longoria   Verlander     Pineda
Jonathan Halket   NYY    AGonzalez  Verlander     Hellickson
Chris Jaffe       TB     Rodriguez  Sabathia      N/A
Brad Johnson      TB     AGonzalez  Lester        Pineda
Mat Kovach        KC     Santana    Wilson        Hellickson
Kevin Lai         TB     Longoria   Lester        Ackley
Max Marchi        TOR    Suzuki     Price         N/A
Bruce Markusen    NYY    Rodriguez  Lester        Ackley
Rory Paap         TB     AGonzalez  Hernandez     Hellickson
Ben Pritchett     NYY    Cabrera    Lester        Hellickson
Josh Shepardson   TB     Longoria   Liriano       McGee
Greg Simons       NYY    Cabrera    Verlander     McGee
Paul Singman      TOR    Bautista   Gio Gonzalez  Hellickson
Dave Studeman     NYY    Hamilton   Hernandez     Hellickson
Paul Francis
   Sullivan       NYY    Youkilis   Haren         Hellickson
Steve Treder      TB     Longoria   Lester        Hellickson
David Wade        NYY    AGonzalez  Verlander     Hellickson

Derek Ambrosino         Red Sox over Phillies
John Barten             Red Sox over Rockies
Vince Caramela          Yankees over Rockies
Mike Clark              Atlanta over Twins
David Gassko            Phillies over Red Sox
Jeffrey Gross           Atlanta over Rays
Jonathan Halket         Red Sox over Atlanta
Chris Jaffe             Dodgers over Rays
Brad Johnson            Rays over Phillies
Mat Kovach              Indians over Reds
Kevin Lai               Red Sox over Phillies
Max Marchi              Rays over Atlanta
Bruce Markusen          Atlanta over A's
Rory Paap               Red Sox over Giants
Ben Pritchett           Brewers over Red Sox
Josh Shepardson         Red Sox over Atlanta
Greg Simons             Tigers over Atlanta
Paul Singman            Atlanta over Red Sox
Dave Studeman           Giants over Red Sox
Paul Francis Sullivan   Phillies over Angels
Steve Treder            Rays over Giants
David Wade              Red Sox over Phillies


allan said...

This Max Marchi dude is interesting. He picks the Jays 2nd and Red Sox 4th, and then has the Nats finishing ahead of the Phillies.

Anonymous said...

Does this Max Marchi provide any insight into his, um, unique and creative choices?

SoSock said...

:) Love it! Can't wait. Thinking about going to see if I can score tix to the White Sox expf game here tonight...
Also - the Pedro painting Awesome!
Looking forward to game heads, for sure

Patrick said...

If you need any more evidence that Max Marchi is a blooming idiot, look no further than his MVP vote: Ichiro Suzuki.

allan said...

Marchi either (a) recently hit his head on something hard or (b) is going to seriously clean up in Vegas in October.

Benjamin said...

He's just betting that if he's right, everyone will know, but if he's wrong, nobody will remember.