March 12, 2011

Report: Sox Open To Trading Matsuzaka, Scutaro & Others

With just under three weeks to Opening Day, we are in that annoying stretch of time that comes after the joy of spring training camps being open fades and before the excitement of the start of the regular season. So to keep us occupied as March drags on, Gordon Edes reports that (according to a major league source), the Red Sox are open to trading:
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Tim Wakefield
Mike Cameron
Darnell McDonald
Marco Scutaro
Matsuzaka has a 11.42 ERA in three spring starts, with his fastball recently hitting about 89. Said said source:
I think he's become too much of a conventional pitcher. He's got to go back to pitching "left-handed" again, dropping down at times, throwing from all kinds of angles, turning the ball over. He's not doing that as much.
Edes goes over the other options the Sox have, including Ryan Kalish, Josh Reddick, Alfredo Aceves, and Felix Doubront.

Scutaro has been mentioned many times as the Opening Day shortstop, but perhaps the front office now believes Jose Iglesias is ready to act as Jed Lowrie's understudy. ... I can't see Wakefield packing his bags and heading for another team; I assume he'd retire.


Benjamin said...

Wakefield has 10-5 protection, so he could just veto any trade anyway. Bringing Wakefield up just makes that report (which the team has vigorously denied) very unserious.

Patrick said...

Dealing Matsuzaka would be the cherry on top of what has been an offseason to remember.

johngoldfine said...

Who would want Matsuzaka? And why?

Amy said...

It's times like this that I recall all the hype about DiceK when he first was signed. What a lot of buzz for nothing.... I would not miss him. If they can trade him and Papelbon together for a reliable starter or a reliable closer, I'd be thrilled.

johngoldfine said...

I agree completely, amy, except with your use of 'DiceK' which suggests a familiarity I would rather not feel and a warmth I certainly do not feel.

Amy said...

You are right, John. I am just too lazy to type his real name, along with all the others: Tek, Wake, Papi, FY, LBJ etc. Just too much effort to spell the whole thing, despite my feelings...