March 27, 2011

Ozzie Gullen: "He's A Great Book!"

Actually, it's "Ozzie Guillen".

He's a Great Book! with Ozzie Guillen -- The Great Gatsby

(thanks to dayn perry)

Ozzie Guillen on MADTV (Johnny Sanchez)

Now here's the real Ozzie:

Ozzie Guillen Rant - 2008 Version

From Ozzie's Twitter feed:
I hate this trafic in arizona lord drive me crazy
7:50 PM Mar 4th via txt

To thos idiots I no driving joey cora is driving I not that stupids
7:44 PM Mar 10th via txt

What movie I shoud watch? Have to be funny
7:35 PM Mar 15th via txt

I haet this send people down feel bad be part of the staff and from ofice is not fun
about 13 hours ago via txt

Ken rosenthal thanks a lot for pick me #2 on the hot seat last year a was# one
about 13 hours ago via txt

if I get fired iam coming after your job. with fox yessssssssssssss
about 13 hours ago via txt

You better hope I keep this job lol lol lol
about 13 hours ago via txt

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