March 4, 2011

Verducci: Sox Were Set To Trade Victor For Crawford Before 2010 Season Began

Tom Verducci, SI:
The Red Sox had their eye on outfielder Carl Crawford before last season even began and were willing to pull off a blockbuster intradivision deal to get Crawford into a Sox uniform.

Boston proposed trading catcher Victor Martinez to Tampa Bay in exchange for Crawford before the season began, according to a baseball source familiar with the proposed deal. Both players were entering their walk years, and both wound up leaving their teams at the end of the year as free agents. The Rays did not immediately reject the deal, but told Boston they would need to pursue one or two other potential moves in order to make it happen. The secondary moves fell through, and thus so too did the Martinez-for-Crawford blockbuster.
If true, I wonder what other possible deal(s) Theo had going to give us a catcher, since the breakdown of starts last year was: Victor (106), Jason Varitek (27), Kevin Cash (19), Jarrod Saltalamacchia (5), Dusty Brown (3), Gustavo Molina (2).

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Benjamin said...

And Saltalamacchia and Cash weren't even acquired until July. It's a strange thought experiment.