March 11, 2011

Now Batting For New York: Kenny G

The Yankees have the deepest pockets in the game, but they are not above taking a page out of Moneyball. In their on-going attempt to one-up the Red Sox this winter, they are hoping to exploit the market's undervaluing of soulless musicians with perms:
He's gonna need to cut that hair. ... That beautiful, beautiful hair.
Los Angeles Times:
Morales said his name is spelled correctly -- Kendrys Morales Rodriguez -- on all his personal documents but when the final "s" was left off after he signed with the Angels in December 2004 he just never bothered to correct it.


Jere said...

Is Kenny G good at anything?

Benjamin said...

Least he could do is swing his sax in the cage instead of a bat.

andy said...

Is his perm a comb over now?

buffwarrior said...

Kenny is so little if he stands behind the bat.. he'll disappear.

Benjamin said...

That'd be a good start.