August 22, 2011

Are The Blue Jays Becoming Cool?

They blare too much unnecessary music and bullshit at their drab park, most of their fans are idiots, and because the local media fawns over them like a village newspaper boosting the town's theater production, beating them is a ton of fun.

But the Blue Jays have John Farrell as their manager, GM Alex Anthopoulos is a mind-control ninja, a mysterious man in white may have been stealing signs for them, and it appears there are at least a couple of cool dudes on the roster.

Pitcher Brandon Morrow, talking about his performance this season, recently said:
Some of those numbers don't look so hot, but if you look at the nerd stats, I'm having a pretty good year. I'm not always sure how they come to those conclusions, but I like them. ... I'd rather look at the nerd stats.
And AL MVP-favourite Jose Bautista is "as adept at Internetting as he is at smiting cowhide orbs over fencing". (I wish this one was true.)


Michael Holloway said...

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Michael Holloway said...

At the article, "Signs of trouble in Toronto":

"Just last year, after the Rockies spotted a Phillies bullpen coach using binoculars, Colorado accused Philadelphia of stealing signs."

Reminds me of Jim Bouton's Ball Four. Beaver shooting. Was 'beaver shooting' a convenient cover in Seattle, so their 'man in white' could steal signs using binoculars from the Pilots bullpen?

One can only hope.