August 27, 2011

G132: Red Sox 9, Athletics 3

Athletics - 011 000 001 - 3  8  1
Red Sox   - 133 110 00x - 9 13  1
5:37 PM: And it's on to the 8th inning - after a 2:15 delay! Michael Bowden (who was called up today as Scott Atchison was sent back to AAA (his 5th round-trip on the Pawtucket shuttle this season, I think)) is in. The Red Sox are letting ticket holders for Game 2 into the park while the final innings of Game 1 are being played.

3:22 PM: Tarp II! The teams completed the seventh inning. Dan Wheeler relieved Lester. Halfway through, it began raining as hard (or harder) than it was when the umps first reluctantly called for the tarp!

3:09 PM: Play resumes - 45-minute delay.

2:25 PM: Rain delay after six full innings.

Some highlights:
Ortiz: 2 doubles, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Varitek: home run, single, run, 3 RBI
Aviles: 3 singles, 2 runs, 1 stolen base
Scutaro: double, single, run, RBI
Gonzalez: double, single, run
Lester: 6-3-2-2-4, 87 (one run unearned)
Guillermo Moscoso / Jon Lester

Boston going with an 8-man lineup, apparently:

Well, it does give Tito a deeper bench!

Fearful of Hurricane Irene, the Red Sox moved Sunday's game to 5 PM as the nightcap of a Saturday doubleheader. Union player representative Daniel Bard said the front office wanted to play two games on Friday.
That was their first thing. We can't do that. You can't ask guys to play 18 innings [after] getting in at 5 AM. That was quickly shot down.
The Friday proposal was suggested because the Red Sox and Athletics have no mutual off-days for the rest of the season and any rainout, if it had playoff seeding implications, would have to be played between the end of the regular season and the start of the ALDS.

Game thread here.

Today's Yankees/Orioles doubleheader (scheduled because of an earlier rainout) has been postponed. The teams will try to play two games on Sunday and move the other game on September 8.

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