August 22, 2011

Same As It Ever Was

Fred Van Ness, New York Herald, September 5, 1918, bemoaning the "greed that has developed in recent years":
Another day will dawn for baseball when the war is over and it will be a day that will mark the end of exorbitant salaries and will once more place the sport above the financial features of the game. ...

Stars in the olden days didn't make as much in a season as the players on the present world series clubs will make in a week, and they played real baseball with a real spirit.

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Michael Holloway said...

Oh! Good to hear. So as soon as WW III is over we'll have good ol' family baseball back (and a national identity that mirrors my self loathing). Bring on the war in that case - what ever it takes - can't wait!

And then I was thinking ... we need a social networking app for people like this. It would be called 'hate book' - where people would sit around being smarter than then they are by "Hating" (instead of 'Friending') each other.