August 8, 2011

Haggerty: RBI Flap Was A Pedroia Prank That Ortiz Took Seriously

Mike Felger: David Ortiz. What an interesting year he's had. Gets off to such a better start that he has in the past, goes flying into the All-Star Game. Then, I think, the last couple weeks and months, his behaviour has been questionable. Complaining about scorekeeping and RBI --

Joe Haggerty: You know that was Pedroia's fault, right?

Felger: Complaining about his contract, as well and --

Haggerty: Did you get the whole story on that?

Felger: Well, why don't you give it to us, Joe?

Haggerty: Pedroia went up to Ortiz, right before he went up to Francona's office, and he basically pulled him aside, and he said, "David, did you hear what happened? John Henry and Theo went down to the official scorer and they had your RBI taken away because they're trying to lower your value when you get to be a free agent at the end of the season." He was totally busting his cookies! Ortiz took it seriously and stormed up to Francona's office right after Pedroia did that. Pedroia was telling me the story after the fact. We were in hysterics when he was recounting it to me. He's like "I don't give a crap, I thought it was hilarious." It was totally a Dustin Pedroia orchestration that brought that whole Ortiz thing on. Which puts a little more of a fun spin on it rather than a real selfish spin.

Felger: Puts it in context, well, he still reacted selfishly --

Haggerty: He did, but it's not quite as vicious, you know what I mean?
I thought Felger sounded annoyed when Haggerty was asking him if he knew the whole story behind what he was trashing Ortiz about. It sounds like the conversation was continued here, where Haggerty claims that Ortiz's "erratic behaviour" this season is similar to the way Manny Ramirez acted in 2008. (OMG, guys. Give it up, already!!)
Felger: Still worried about his RBI. Yet, he's back to crushing it tonight [Monday, against the Twins].

Haggerty: Yeah, he is. And this shows me that he's not really that upset about what's going on. Or if he is upset, he's redirecting it and harnessing it in the right way, which is going up and putting the numbers out there that are going to make sure he comes back. At this point, it's interesting, because I think in his career with the Red Sox, this is the first time his future has really been uncertain or in doubt and he's showing some of those things that Manny did in that last year, some of this, little erratic behaviour, but at the same time, he's a different guy and I think he's going to respond to it the right way. Yes, he'll bellyache every once in awhile, but he's also going to get four hits in a game and win you games and do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

"Busting his cookies?" Did he just make that up?

allan said...

More to the story. Did FY play the prank to get back at Ortiz for the Muddy Chicken nickname?


In the story by Tom Verducci, Pedroia reveals, among other things, how his latest nickname came to be.

Pedroia says his latest moniker, the Muddy Chicken, came about during the postgame meal following Boston’s 1–0, 16-inning win over Tampa Bay in June:

"David [Ortiz] was eating this chicken from the Dominican Republic," he told SI. "I don't know who he got it from. But it was [bleeping] disgusting. So I said, 'I want to be called that.' ... [Bleeping] Muddy Chicken.... They started laughing, so they started calling me that. And it was a 16-inning game, and I think there were some cocktails involved in some people's interviews. That's basically it. And then we got back home and, thanks to New Balance, there are boxes of Muddy Chicken T-shirts. I'm like, What's wrong with you guys?"


allan said...

Nick Cafardo is always the last to know (August 9): "Last week was a bit strange for Ortiz. He interrupted a Terry Francona press conference to moan about a scoring decision that cost him an RBI. It was very unbecoming and out of character for Ortiz. Players who moan about scoring decisions are usually self-centered and statistically driven. While Ortiz is playing for a new contract, did he need to fight that hard for one RBI?"