August 21, 2011

G126: Red Sox 6, Royals 1

Red Sox - 000 011 130 - 6 10  1
Royals  - 000 000 100 - 1  3  0
Lester pitched into the seventh (6-3-1-4-3, 113), Bard pitched two innings of relief, and Boston got some breathing room with an eighth-inning rally.

Scutaro doubled, McDonald singled, Gonzalez singled (4-1), Pedroia struck out, Lowrie hit a sac fly (5-1), and Lavarnway doubled (6-1). Earlier Varitek knocked in Lowrie with a triple, and McDonald and Crawford each went deep.
Jon Lester / Danny Duffy

Jacoby Ellsbury is not playing today and may be out until Wednesday. How soon until the Judges Of Manliness re-open the Ellsbury case?

Game thread here.


johngoldfine said...

Should be very soon--column inches needing to be filled.

laura k said...

Kevin Youkilis is on the DL, and he was in Boston today - not in the dugout cheerleading for his team. Can we expect to see Yook receive the Ellsbury treatment?

9casey said...

Rice called him out today on pregame, said if he was healthy enough to take BP he should play......

allan said...

Maybe he meant Ortiz ... man, so many loafers on the team these days.

Oh, for the good old days when we had solid, upstanding players who threatened to punch their manager in the face if he had the gall to pinch-hit for them -- like Jim Rice.