August 3, 2011

Buchholz: "At Least I Know There's Something There And I'm Not Just A Big Wuss"

Clay Buchholz has begun a five-step rehab program focused on strengthening his core and back. He hopes to be well enough to return to the mound in October.
If there was a timetable, I think the postseason would be where I'd want to come back. ... All along they knew something was there so it's good to go to a guy and have him be so forward with it. It's not a career-threatening thing ... [A]t least I know there's something there and I'm not just a big wuss.
Team physician Dr. Thomas Gill says there is "absolutely a chance [Buchholz could pitch in the post-season], I just don't know how big that chance is". ... Terry Francona expressed a similar thought: "It hasn't been ruled out. We don't know. If you see him pitch, he's OK."

Jed Lowrie went 1-for-3 as Pawtucket's DH last night. He will work out at Fenway today and play for the PawSox on Thursday and Friday.

Josh Beckett said he was "dead" after throwing 85 pitches in six innings last night.
I was gassed in the sixth inning. ... I had to throw a lot. When you've got to go warm up twice -- and I was actually staying warm during [the delays], throwing in the cage and stuff -- it definitely wore on me. It was humid, too.
SoSH: Tim Bogar. Yup, he still sucks.


Jere said...

"I was gassed"

So the starters really WERE Huff 'n' Gas last night!

Michael Holloway said...

..strengthening his core and back...

So... in other words... he's a little wimp who's pitching arm is like a monster grafted onto the body of a small child.

Soon the only way he'll be able to walk around is to 'hop' on the gargantuan member - while the rest of his useless, tiny, body flails around at the monsters shoulder/head thing.

No, the real reason he's going away for two months is that they're going to graft another, a third arm, onto the other side of his torso - to balance him out like.

That way he'll be able to field two positions: falling right off the mound after the pitch, and falling left off the mound after the pitch - both at the same time you see.

That's all - nothing to see here - hell be back in time to win the World Series.