August 1, 2011

"Summer's Never Really Over. Not Where It Matters."

Manager, Pitcher Go Through Entire Bottle Of Wine During Really Great Mound Visit
Cleveland manager Manny Acta: "Justin [Masterson] was doing great out there. It was a pleasure to watch him. But he was looking pretty tired, so I thought I'd call time, talk things over, give him a breather. Then I remembered I had this nice little 2008 Seven Hills Winery Viognier that I'd put on ice at the start of the game, and I thought, why not? It's a lovely night."
Masterson: "It was a little unusual for Manny to call time like that given how well I was doing. But then I saw he had that nice bottle of white, which was just perfect, because red can be a little too heavy when you’re trying to win a game. Plus, I was like, ‘Oh, wow, I thought he was saving that for a special occasion.'"

Twins Shocked To Learn You Can Score 2 Runs In Same Play
Twins manager Ron Gardenhire: "It doesn't seem like it should be allowed. We've never tried to pull anything like that. Quite frankly, it looks pretty hard. First off, you'd almost have to be in a situation where two people were on base, and then if you could manage that, a hitter would have to hit the ball so far away from the fielders that there would be little chance of getting it back to the catcher before the second runner reached home plate. Sounds crazy to me."

Derek Jeter Relieved He Can Go Back To Not Hitting Ball
"Now that [I got my 3,000th hit], I can sit back, relax, let my average sink back down to just above .200, and watch everyone debate if I still belong in the starting lineup. I really don't feel any pressure to get on base for the rest of the season at all. It's nice."

2011 MLB Season Dominated By Pitchers, Hitters, Fielders
Peter Gammons: "When people look back on this season, what is really going to stand out is the pure offensive and defensive domination displayed by a talented group of batters, pitchers, and fielders who are playing at a professional level. This season proves that if your club can simply outpitch, outhit, and out-field the other team, you're going to have a much better shot at competing."

Team Owners Object to MLB's New Run-Sharing Agreement (May 10, 2011)

Jim Joyce Accidentally Deletes Book He's Writing With Armando Galarraga (March 8, 2011)

Florida Marlins Delay Game Until Their Fan Shows Up (August 13, 2010)


laura k said...

Thanks! I'd never see this stuff without you.

OK, who will be the first person to not hover over or click on the links and leave an indignant comment?

Tom DePlonty said...

"2011 MLB Season Dominated By Pitchers, Hitters, Fielders"

That a Cafardo column, right? :-)

allan said...

The Masterson story is very good, with the catcher bringing out some cheese and the ump letting them enjoy each other's company for 40 minutes.

allan said...

That a Cafardo column, right? :-)

Or will be next week! ... Though he may not be resourceful enough to find it and copy it.