October 21, 2007

2007 American League Champions

Pennants (World Series titles in bold):



Surviving Grady

From Boston Globe

JoS reader Daniel brought this sign to Fenway Park for Game 7.


allan said...


tim said...

Saw that thing, RS...thats awesome.

Know what else is fucking awesome? THIS!

Yahoo's front page!

thatdietcokegirl said...

great stuff.

lol @ the mlb fuck-up. OH WELL!!!

haha i'm still up. i'm all wide-awake :))

s1c said...

in the channeling s1c territory:
“Dude, this is the best freaking team. This is even better than 2004 because we’re at home,” said Dale Massicotte, 37, of Connecticut.

“I’ve been here 40 years waiting for this freaking victory to happen right freaking here at this spot on this freaking part of the planet,” said Mark Costa, 49, of Newton, who saw his first game at Fenway in 1964.

I freaking love it!!!

Patrick said...

There were a lot of great posters at the game tonight. My favorite a fan carried above his head as he walked around the park: It said "Towel free zone" on one side, and on the other had a Cleveland indian mascot crying with a towel attached to the poster under his eye.

The crowd was absolutely electric tonight, standing up after every 2 strikes to an Indian, and after every 3 balls to a RedSox.

Before the game the whole park was in a standing ovation for Daisuke as he walked to the bullpen, which I found really touching. It seems like all our players have been forgiven of their faults, and have rewarded our patients (especially Tito's) with redeeming preformances.

Huge props to Jake Westbrook for keeping his cool under the fire of Fenway and the Sox lineup. He was amazing.

Also, I cannot remember ever squeeling like a little girl with glee, like I did when Pedroia hit the 2 run blast. I really hope he gets the ROY award.

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

The PapelJig!

Anonymous said...

Ah basking in the glow of sweet victory ;-)

I've been at work for four hours; I have done next to nothing but no-one seems to have noticed...I suspect they know ;-)

laura k said...

Thanks for all these pics, Allan, it's great.

Daniel, I love the sign! I'm so glad you were there last night - and Jere too!

Last night I forgot to say thanks to the gamethreaders who were keeping us up on the NESN feed. Where are my manners (drowned in champagne?). In the words of our immortal Tito, that was awesome guys.

Amy said...

Good morning, all. And a GOOD morning it is! Though I am awfully tired to be sitting in the office getting ready for my morning class. Ah, well, I am sure at least some of my students will be worse off than I am.

So psyched for the Series! I am still pinching myself!

Now, when you have a chance, can someone explain that iced tea thing? I watched the Jon Stewart/Bill O'Reilly video (does O'Reilly know how asinine he sounded?), but I don't see the baseball connection. Or maybe there isn't one?

OK, back to work. Arrgghh

Some Guy said...

Foxsports.com has their full post-game show on line, with much more of the on-field dancing and cigar smoking than NESN had.

While Paps is doing his jig the Fox team asks Theo where he'd found Papelbon:
"He went to Mississippi State... He didn't break any academic records while he was there -- but he can throw a baseball and he's got guts."

laura k said...

Amy, there is no baseball connection.

See Allan's comment on this thread re trying to use it in a sentence. No baseball connection whatsoever.

Amy said...

Thanks, Laura. Got it now.

allan said...

iced tea, steamed spinach, etc.

thatdietcokegirl said...

that psycho-bot pic still makes me giggle the day after. perfect. just perfecto ;D

and i love the 'come to daddy' pic ;))

*dreamy sigh*

love all the pics. so much fun :)

Lord Lynch said...

Tired? Amy? Tired?

I redefine tired.

But so worth it.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it was lord...suffice to say I'll be better prepared come wednesday; bed at 8 up at 12. ;-)

Zenslinger said...


nixon33 said...

what to do with myself til wed night.....

SoSock said...

Oh....what to do until Wed?
I should be catching up on long past due paperwork and billing, but nooooo, here I am :)
I did go to wmtc to look for a post about the Springsteen show, and was not disappointed!
Thanks! I chatted to myself for a while and it all ended up there in an old thread.
I also couldn't help but notice you like Joni Mitchell. Very ironic - I met my son in Baltimore for 2 days of Red Sox and bars a few weeks ago,(my 2nd and 3rd RS games!)and during our travels around town, or at least the times we were in a car, I had Court and Spark on. When Raised on Robbery came on, he said "I remember this" He was impressed with it and said he vaguely remembered hearing the rest of it too, but R on R was a distinct memory - COOL!

allan said...

I redefine tired.

There is time to sleep in winter.

1975 .... oh yeah.

Lord Lynch said...

Nice 9 hours last night. Should repeat, or near repeat that tonight. Little nap at 10:30 on Wednesday, then good to go for the very friendly 1 a.m. start.

I am the sort of person who does not function without sleep.