October 1, 2007

Red Sox ALDS Roster?

If the Red Sox take 11 pitchers (the Herald says it might be only 10), the only debate about the ALDS roster is the final bullpen spots.

Starters/Bench Starters/Bullpen
Ortiz Beckett
Varitek Schilling
Youkilis Matsuzaka
Pedroia Wakefield
Lowell Papelbon
Ramirez Delcarmen
Crisp Okajima
Drew Timlin
Mirabelli Lopez/Corey
Ellsbury Lester/Tavarez
Francona will likely pick Lopez over Corey. Tito loves his LOOGY, although Lopez, at least this year, has actually fared worse against lefties than righties. Corey pitched in nine games in September, allowing six hits, four walks and two runs in 9.1 innings.

Lester, in the first relief appearance of his young career, threw two perfect innings (20 pitches) on Sunday. If that was a test, he scored an A+. I think I'd take Lester over Lips.

I put Wakefield in as a fourth starter, but the eight-day series means he will pitch solely out of the pen. In two starts against the Angels this season -- April 13 (good) and August 7 (bad) -- Wakefield threw 11 innings, allowing 12 hits, five walks and eight runs (5.73 ERA). Los Angeles stole three bases again him in those 11 innings, which isn't excessive, but I still have nightmares about the Angels possibly running wild. (I wouldn't be bothered if they left Wakefield off the ALDS roster, but while they did that once before, I don't really see that happening this time.)

If the Sox take 10 pitchers, I'd drop Lopez/Corey and add Moss to the bench.

Rosters do not have to be finalized until 10 AM on Wednesday.


nickv said...

i think i'd rather take tavarez for his versatility. some crazy things happen in the playoffs and it's worth having a guy that can do mop up (whether the team is up or down) from say the 2nd - 7th, or can pitch the 9-13th, though i suppose wake could fill that position too...

Rob said...

Wake is the sole definition of Wild Card, though. The guy is a terrific starter and long man, but he is always one pitch away from a gofer ball. Wakefield pitching in extra innings would about scare me to death. It's like walking a tight rope, and everyone knows that. That's the knuckleball, not Tim Wakefield.

Amy said...

I know my memory for details is somewhat questionable, but didn't Wake come in late in one or more of the playoff games, either in 2003 or 2004, against the Yankees and shut them down? I just recall that he was considered a savior of sorts at one point. Then again, I may be completely wrong here. And that doesn't mean that 2007 Wake can do what the 2003 or 2004 version could do.

allan said...

didn't Wake come in late in one or more of the playoff games, either in 2003 or 2004, against the Yankees and shut them down?

He was supposed to start Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, but ended up throwing 3.1 innings in Game 3 (5 H, 5 R, 64 pitches).

In Game 5, he came in and pitched the 12th, 13th and 14th innings. Allowed only 1 hit and 1 walk. Varitek was charged with 3 passed balls in the 13th inning, though. That was some scary shit.

Zenslinger said...

Game 3 is the one in which we were shelled 18-9 or 19-8. The fact that he came in in relief as RS said, despite the fact that he gave up runs, was seen as both self sacrificing and going a long way toward saving the bullpen to fight another day.

Amy said...

Thanks for the answer, RS. I have to think of some question where you are stumped. Or I have to figure out how to use that baseball statistics page so I can answer the questions myself.