October 20, 2007

Schadenfreude 34 (A Continuing Series)

Daily News, November 3, 1995:


How many prospective managers are going to look at this trainwreck of a front office, see the crap he'd have to endure on a daily basis and think "yeah, that's where I wanna work".

Torre's replacement will at least be able to squeeze the Chokers for some extra cash -- which is exactly what free agents Dumbo and Fruitbat must be thinking. Losing those guys (and maybe Pettitte, Slappy and Abreu) on top of the Torre Debacle would be a huge PR hit -- it'll cost them many millions.


tim said...

Oh man, should be interesting to see who leaves along with Torre. I'm definitely thinking dumbo and fruitbat though. They'll probably go after Gagné though and he'll become Mr. Clutch again. Who knows, I'm sure if that were to happen he'd definitely get it from Fenway, much worse than now.

And whose he going to throw to? Molina? Who can they get to replace Posada? The guy just put up career hitting numbers, probably won't do it again, but still - I'm sure his presence on the team was very influential and losing his ability to call games and know the staff will be a big blow.

Then there's the other three names you mention...Steinbrenner really shot himself in the foot with his stupid little "ultimatum" - well, maybe shot his sons in their feet. What a shit organization - treat their employees like crap, and this is what happens. Good, I hope Steinbrenner is 6 feet under before they make it back to the playoffs.

More ranting later, gotta cram for a 1:30 pm exam...

mattymatty said...

When I read "Dumbo and Fruitbat" I spat coffee all over the floor. Hilarious. Also funny, the fact that you didn't feel the need to explain who these characters are, and the fact that I didn't need any explanation despite never having heard of these nicknames before.