October 25, 2007

Game 1 Newsstand


Tony said...

As always, I'm not pleased when I have to throw a compliment the CHB's way, but this comment from his Game 1 recap gave me a smile:

"The visitors, who had won 10 straight and 21 of 22, were embarrassed. The Sox pounded 16 hits in the first five innings. Rockies reliever Franklin Morales recorded two outs and gave up seven runs. He was followed by Ryan Speier, who walked three consecutive batters with the bases loaded. Eddie Cicotte of the 1919 White Sox didn't do that badly and he was trying to lose."

That about sums up Game 1 for the Rox.

Some Guy said...

Seen in the Rocky Mountain News:

"It was so frightening," one press box wag announced, "that Stephen King left."

nixon33 said...

tonight is a very important game.

as dewey said to trot in 2004..."win it".