October 10, 2007

Schadenfreude 32 (A Continuing Series)

Joe Posnanski:
Jeter did hit .176 in the Cleveland series, he did not walk, he played lousy shortstop, he rapped into three double plays in the last two games, he killed the key rally, and you know what? I'll admit it: I kind wanted to see a little New York outrage. ...

I thought, if nothing else, this might point out the infuriating absurdity of making any one guy seem superhuman, impervious to pain and pressure, better than us mere mortals. ...

Well, from what I can tell, generally, that isn't happening. A-Rod is taking his hits, Wang is taking his hits, Torre is taking his hits, and Jeter is taking only a few glancing blows. The feeling seems to be, "Well, Jeter wasn't good this series, but he has such a long history of delivering in the clutch that you have to give him a pass." The legend feeds upon itself.

Since beating the Red Sox 19-8 in Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, the Yankees have gone 4-13 in the post-season:
2004 ALCS 4: Red Sox 6, Yankees 4 (12)
2004 ALCS 5: Red Sox 5, Yankees 4 (14)
2004 ALCS 6: Red Sox 4, Yankees 2
2004 ALCS 7: Red Sox 10, Yankees 3

2005 ALDS 1: Yankees 4, Angels 2
2005 ALDS 2: Angels 5, Yankees 3
2005 ALDS 3: Angels 11, Yankees 7
2005 ALDS 4: Yankees 3, Angels 2
2005 ALDS 5: Angels 5, Yankees 3

2006 ALDS 1: Yankees 8, Tigers 4
2006 ALDS 2: Tigers 4, Yankees 3
2006 ALDS 3: Tigers 6, Yankees 0
2006 ALDS 4: Tigers 8, Yankees 3

2007 ALDS 1: Cleveland 12, Yankees 3
2007 ALDS 2: Cleveland 2, Yankees 1 (11)
2007 ALDS 3: Yankees 8, Cleveland 4
2007 ALDS 4: Cleveland 6, Yankees 4


s1c said...

He will never be critized. He is Mr. Clutch to MFY fans. Of course these are the same people who wanted to see the second best ss on the team playing ss. So, what did you expect.

RS - Trade being proposed on WEEI Monday and Today - Coco, Lester and Buchholz for Santana. What do you think?

Jere said...

I just read on SI.com that the conversation between George and Bud may not have happened, and George saying that Bud telling him that it was the umpires' call (to let Bug-gate go on) may have just been a "great to see ya, Tommy" moment.

s1c said...

I like this comment on Burt Talks Sports:
pasta diving lugo said:
the torre situation could put the yankees back to the 1980’s. imagine torre gone; pettite opts to retire; then joe joins the tampa raze just to piss off Steinbrenner in his hometown; the raze sign mariano, abreu, posada. arod sees the chance to opt out and blame it all on the loss of his “favorite manager.” arod to the haloes. the yankees go through 2008 in a trance, highlighted by a jeter mattingly shouting match at the end of the season.

that would be one way to end the rivalry: rsawks beat yankees 13-5 during the regular season. there are empty seats in fenway park during the last season in september. well, maybe the park will be full as management donates tickets to charitable organizations.

Wouldn't that be schadefreude!!

Rob said...

s1c, my own opinion: Buchholz would be untouchable. Coco and Lester are fair game. The Red Sox will have to find someone(s) else to satisfy Minnesota, but there's no way Clay Buchholz should be traded.

s1c said...

Ish - I agree with you. In my opinion there are only two prospects right now that are untouchable. Ellsbury and Buchholz.

tim said...

Agree with s1c and ish...no dice for Clay or LBJ...Ococ and Letser are fair game though. maybe with MDC?

i don't really see what the point of getting santana is though. he's clearly awesome, but in 2008 with:


as the rotation, we should be set. I would say Lester, Crisp and picks for Santana but no way in hell LBJ or Clay. Of course, Steinbrenner will probably lure Johan over with millions upon millions, but whatever. I'm still putting in my $0.02 here!

Devine said...

Sheeeeeeyit, I'd definitely trade Ellsbury for Santana...and probably Buchholz if that was the way to get it done. This is, consistently, a top 5 pitcher...not someone who might be a top 5 pitcher one day.

Zenslinger said...

This trade is being floated on air, not in really, right?

s1c said...

This trade is being floated on air, not in really, right?

It was the on air co-hosts (I think it was McAdam and Massorati).

Pretty much the hosts said in a nano second for two reasons:

1) A proven young ace who is a lefty.
2) You keep him away from the yankees.

Personally, Buchholz is the killer for me!. Take out Buchholz and I would do it.

allan said...

Coco, Lester and Buchholz for Santana

To get someone of Santana's talent (and he'll be 29 next March), you will have to pay a big price. Boston has a bunch of other solid arms in the system, so I think I would do this. If Johan was two years younger, I'd do it for sure.

Colin said...

Trade Ellsbury for Santana? It's a tantalizing deal, but I'm one of those guys that when I see potential in youth (i.e. Pedroia, Pap, Ellsbury), that you should see how it goes for another year or two. I'd like to keep Jacoby for another year along with Dusty and the rest. We made a slight mistake with Gabbard for Gagne, but maybe wiser moves will be made.