October 29, 2007

World Champs Newsstand

555 front pages from 54 countries!


allan said...

Globe WS covers.

allan said...

And here are 340 front pages from October 28, 2004.

allan said...


And video of the final pitch of the 2007 season.

Papelbon and the porn pics!

allan said...

Bot: "I'm chillin' like Bob Dylan on penicillin."

Click "Oct 23"

allan said...

In the 2004 and 2007 World Series, the Red Sox trailed in only 4 of 72 innings.

To Cooperstown:

Ellsbury's Game 3 bat
Francona's warm-up pullover
Lester's Game 4 cap
Lowell's Game 4 cap
Matsuzaka's Game 3 spikes
Papelbon's glove
Varitek's road jersey
Pedroia's Game 1 HR bat

allan said...

Bob Ryan, Globe: "Go ahead. Call up the Yankee fan in your life. Be as obnoxious as you want to be. Otherwise, what's the point?"

allan said...

Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN:

"For the second time in four years, the Boston Red Sox are World Series champions and the indisputable rulers of the baseball universe as we know it. They are the Roman Empire of the postseason, having won eight World Series games in a row. Hail, Tito.

That the Yankees' [Hank] Steinbrenner says otherwise is one-third arrogance, one-third ignorance and one-third stupidity."

Colin said...

The NECN interview with him was high-larious.

Bot had no idea how to answer the poor reporter's questions correctly. In fact the answer he gave was in no way, shape, or form relevant to the question.

That's why I love the Sox so much.

Benjamin said...

To Cooperstown:

Is Tek sending the ball?

laura k said...

"Go ahead. Call up the Yankee fan in your life. Be as obnoxious as you want to be. Otherwise, what's the point?"

I think I'll post this on my wall, along with last night's haikus and limericks.

Gareth said...

I think my favourite moment all game was Ellsbury's laconic signal to Pap when he caught that fly ball to left that had everyone get just a wee bit nervous at the close, like he'd been casually hauling them in for a decade.

Well, that or Big P having a laugh at Daisuke's expense, which was hilariously funny.

Rob said...

Joe Castiglione talked to Curt Schilling on the mound after the game last night, one of those quick interviews, and Curt said, "No question this is the best team in baseball," and Joe said, "And I'm sure you'd love to stay a part of it, right?"

Schilling said, "One more year and walk away."

s1c said...

Is Tek sending the ball?

According to WEEI this morning, Tek placed the ball in his hip pocket and later gave the ball to the Sox.

laura k said...

Tim, in case you stop by today: turns out we have a DD tomorrow after all. Someone volunteered. And it's not me or Allan - whoo-hoo!

So we'll be safe *and* happy and I'll give you a report.

tim said...

I'm here now - way too much beer yesterday, way too little food. And way too much champagne in such a short period of time. But I finally did make the grilled cheese, and just finished eating it. Amazingly delicious.

DD - Cool, sample away now!

s1c said...

one of the better columns today by Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant.

On the front office-
The news of this one needs to be rung through the heads of every Yankees boss, every Yankees player and every Yankees fan.

 This is how you win in 2007. This is how to use your big bucks. This is how to nurture youth. This is how to build an engine. And, yes, this is how you give the keys to the right manager to drive that expensive, bright red Cadillac.

About Yerry -
Start to finish this year, Francona managed like he was the chalk and nobody was going to come along to erase what was in his mind. He had a plan. And although some outsiders may have second-guessed it from time to time and others may have said the plan was given to him by his bosses, nobody could argue that he didn't stick with it. Tito managed like a man confident with a lead. He liked his horse and told the rest of baseball to come catch him.

 Nobody did.

About MBM -
Didn't believe I'd ever write this: The money spent on Manny was worth it. Wouldn't trust him to lead a pack of wolves to McDonald's, but his dedication to hitting, his savant-like attention to the art, will lead him to Cooperstown.

A very good read!!

Jere said...

"Call up the Yankee fan in your life. Be as obnoxious as you want to be."

If you've got only ONE Yankee fan in your life, give me your number so I can call you and be obnoxious!

Sox about to arrive at Fenway. Really funny NESN coverage. They get the report: "the bus just came out of the Ted Willimas Tunnel." Remy rolls eyes: "Ya killin' me!"

s1c said...

I didn't realize this - From the bradford files -

The Red Sox continue to bury the previous postseason record for most doubles, now totaling 41, 10 more than the second-place Yankees (2003, ‘04).

s1c said...

the bot being interviewed by Flashed Tappan - "no sleep last night and puking all morning"


Amy said...

Watching Ortiz lift the trophy outside Fenway!

Amy said...

Allan and Laura, I have a copy of the Globe and one of the Times. If you want me to mail them to me, email me your address (you should still have my email address). Also, let me know how much of the paper you want: front page? special section? whole thing?

tim said...

If still possible, could someone grab me a copy of the Globe and Herald? I'll pay via paypal for the papers and cost to mail them (i'll just be getting them mailed to my PO Box in the states)

tim said...

Email me if you're interested in the paper thingy. Email is:

tlopinski (at) gmail

Amy said...

Tim, I could only get one copy of the Globe by the time I got out of work today. If Allan and Laura do not need it, it's yours. But they get first dibs as "hosts."

s1c said...

Amy - at least you got one paper. Made numerous stops on the road today and I kept on seeing the first print (Sox pushing for sweep). The price of being in central CT and a game ending after midnight. Grrr

Anonymous said...

It's about time the homeboys get the attention they deserve,

"Impossible dreams are now possible.

If general manager Theo Epstein has his way, the Boston baseball machine won't stop at two World Series championships since 2004. The 2007 team's mix of young, homegrown talent and veterans who can handle the pressures of playing in Boston will be the new model for Red Sox teams to come.

Take that you overpaid Yankees!!