March 11, 2009

"Another Significant Step Towards Jail For Clemens"

New York Times:
Federal authorities investigating Roger Clemens on perjury charges have found performance-enhancing substances on the drug paraphernalia that his former trainer said he used to inject Clemens, according to people briefed on the case.
Richard Emery, Brian McNamee's lawyer:
I assumed, and I am not surprised, that the tests were positive for both DNA and for performance-enhancing drugs, because that's what Brian said all along, and there's not much doubt that Brian's been telling the truth. The confirmation of that fact, once again, just seems to me to be another significant step towards jail for Clemens.
Rusty Hardin, Clemens's lead lawyer:
Do you really think McNamee was going to fabricate this stuff and not make sure there were substances on there? The fact is Roger never used steroids or H.G.H.
Jennifer L. Mnookin, a professor of law at U.C.L.A.:
All that these tests can do is show the presence of biological materials. They can't tell you how, why or when.
The needles I gave the government were used to inject Clemens with steroids in either July or August of 2001. The place was his apartment, which is located around 90th Street and First Avenue in Manhattan. It was when Clemens was pitching for the Yankees. That day, he laid out the drugs, dropped his trousers and I did as he asked, that was, inject him with steroids. ... Yes, sometimes it was in his apartment. Sometimes it was in the Jacuzzi at Yankee Stadium.
Clemens continues to insist the sun rises in the west.


tim said...

Sometimes it was in the Jacuzzi at Yankee Stadium.


andy said...

poked in yankees stadium

tim said...

The title of Jere's next mystery book perhaps?