March 29, 2009

Wilkerson Leaves Team; It's Carter vs Bailey

Terry Francona told the media this morning that Brad Wilkerson has left the team to "assess his options" (as Tony Massarotti of the Globe put it) for the upcoming season.

The team did not make an official announcement, but it would appear that Wilkerson -- who hit [sic] .119 this spring, with 18 strikeouts in 42 AB -- is not being considered for a spot on the bench and the Red Sox decided to give him a few extra days notice to perhaps sign with another club.

Jeff Bailey and Chris Carter are the remaining as candidates for that spot. For both men, it would be a dream come true.

We have Bails and Carter, who are kind of fighting for the same spot -- they're already in the organization. We'll make a move from there.
Bails??? Come on, Terry. It's Gumball or nothin'.

This is really the dark ages of nicknames, isn't it?


andy said...

Yeah you can't just change someones name a little and call it a nickname. Well you can that's where it came from but not now not in this modern era of naming the nicks.

Benjamin said...

We have 'ey and 'er, who are kind of fighting for the same spot -- they're already in the 'tion.


SoSock said...

Carter - 2-4 with a dong, Bailey - 1-3 with a double. A ribbie apiece.
Nice to have this kind of battle going. Hope whoever wins it can keep up the good work.
And good job by Les today. Cars did OK too.
yeah that's pretty lame
By the way - perfect year this year.
NCAA Championship (i.e. last game of the season) on Opening Day for baseball.
What a segue!
If the Sox win that afternoon and the Heels win that night I might not sober up all week :)
Of course they'll have to do a tad better in the semifinal than they did last year for that to even be possible.

Anonymous said...

"Les" reminded me of "Les Paul".

Jere said...

Ah, I see Tito was stumped, unable to add -ey to a name that already ends that way, so he had to improvise. Would've been funny if he'd called him "Baileyey" though.

Jere said...

Also, Red Sox Regular Season Nation will never get to know Wilkerson's "Papelbon making the Garth Algar face" look. Sad.