March 17, 2009

Everyone Loves A Contest #6

It's time for the Red Sox W-L Contest!

Correctly guess the team's 2009 regular season record and win exciting prizes*:

Prize: 6 classic Pedro performances on DVD. I'm unsure of the exact list (I may get more games over the summer), but these two will certainly be included:
Sep 10, 1999: 9-1-0-0-17 at Yankees

Aug 29, 2000: 9-1-0-0-13 at Tampa Bay
Note: Entries must be emailed to me -- though you can post your entry in comments if you feel like it.

Tiebreakers (if there is a tie with (1) we'll go to (2):
(1) How many bases will Jacoby Ellsbury steal?

(2) Jason Varitek's on-base percentage?
Tiebreakers will follow The Price Is Right rules: closest without going over.

Deadline: Sunday, April 5 at 9 PM.

*And I'm repeating the grand [sic] prize! The winner is invited to watch a 2010 Red Sox game+ at Chez L-Sock. Game night will include dinner in our backyard, alcoholic beverages, copious canine attention, and overnight accommodations. Transportation to the Toronto area not included. [+: Monday-Thursday only]


Amy said...

My predictions:

97 wins, 49 SB for LBJ, and 325 OBP for Tek.

Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

95 wins, 55 SB & 312 OBP

laura k said...

I hope you two have read the instructions...

allan said...

Amy did.

BFiW has not (yet).

Patrick said...

And just for bonus points:

AL CY Young: Josh Beckett

Jere said...

Does the TPIR rule hold for the wins, too? Like, if no one guesses 100 or 101, and they win 101, does the 99 person beat the 102 person? Eh, I'm sure all the numbers will be covered anyway.

allan said...

Almost everyone is recent years has picked 90+, so I'll be shocked if we are not covered.

But the wins have to be exact.

Pepe Lepew said...

96 wins, 44 SB and .335 OBP.

Patrick said...

99Wins 56SB .336OBP

Pokerwolf said...

98 wins, 54 SB for LBJ and 332 OBP for Tek

allan said...

Some people are not reading this post correctly -- specifically, the stuff in BOLD.

There is only one rule -- but you gotta follow it.

Pepe Lepew said...

Hey, I got a fourth tiebreaker.
How many games will Drew spend on the DL?
I say 52.

The Omnipotent Q said...

100-62 for the Sox, 45 steals for Jacoby, and Tek has a .300 OBP.

Zenslinger said...

Red Sox will win 96
LBJ will steal 57
Varitek's on-base = .339