March 18, 2009

Youkilis Injures Ankle In WBC; MRI Negative

After leaving the USA WBC team because of a sore left ankle, Kevin Youkilis has been examined by the Red Sox medical staff and underwent an MRI.

His ankle, according to the source, had been bothering him for about a week or so, with the irritation getting progressively worse. There is some inflammation in the ankle tendons and around the Achilles tendon. He has been examined by the Red Sox medical staff, and though the injury was not believed to be serious, all parties decided to err on the side of caution.
Teammate Brad Ziegler said Youkilis was in such pain that after the game he could barely walk through the training room.
How and why did it get to that point?

SoSHer reporting, 9:17:
WBC announcers reporting MRIs negative-- diagnosis is mild ankle sprain, mild ankle tendonitis... Doesn't sound too bad, as long as the tendonitis doesn't become a persistent problem.


Jere said...

Press release from Sox officially says he's out of the WBC. And will wear a "walking boot."

Rob said...

And that's the downfall of this brilliant game we call baseball. Guys cannot just start up and play at such an intense level. The guys get hurt and as fans of MLB we understand that guys get hurt. But if they're going to get hurt we want it to be for the right reasons. The WBC is not one of them to (most of) us.

As much as it's been entertaining, exciting, interesting, all of the above. It's maddening to think that your major league team, the one that plays every single year, could be greatly affected by an injury during a tournament.

It's just unfortunate.

nixon33 said...

ok, fuck the WBC.

Rob said...

By the way, I did notice Youk had a different batting stance than he normally had. Tighter and with the bat pointed further out in front of him. Guys don't just spontaneously change their stances between games. But I doubt that had something to do with it.

Pepe Lepew said...

OK, that's it, I'm officially opposed to the WBC now.
Game over, man.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

This is why I detest the WBC.

Anonymous said...

See, I'm still pro-WBC, just worried bout my Sox. I enjoy the tournament and hope the USA wins and that Youk and FY are fine.

andy said...

Just finally be done with the Cuba problem and allow them to play in the MLB. Then no need for the tournament. All the rest of the guys can play and most do play in some level of american baseball.

Jere said...

"I enjoy the tournament and hope the USA wins and that Youk and FY are fine."

But that's the problem--the pre-season should not be about games that anyone cares about the outcome of. That's how you get hurt.

One year, I decided I was gonna train for the marathon. While running one day, I did the old gym class thing of sprinting at the end of my run. I pulled a hamstring. I told my friend how it happened and he said, "sprinting has no part in marathon training."

Anyway, I recovered, never sprinted again, and today you all know me as Marílson Gomes dos Santos.

Jere said...

"Just finally be done with the Cuba problem"

Yes. That problem being the U.S.

andy said...

Hell yeah it's the USA that is the problem there. I am pretty sick of a certain part of America getting to decide on all matters of what's ok or not.