March 8, 2009

Julio Lugo's Muscles

In this morning's Herald, Sean McAdam writes that Julio Lugo:
might be ready to supply more extra-base power this season. The shortstop added about 10 pounds of muscle in the offseason, which could aid him in driving the ball more consistently.
Note to Lugo: Concentrate first on getting some "base power" before trying to do anything "extra".

Ten pounds still seems like a lot for a relatively small guy like Lugo (he's listed at 175, the same weight given in the 2008 Red Sox media guide). I was reminded that the Globe's Nick Cafardo has been all over the map (all over the scale?) this year in reporting on Lugo's new bulk:

Cafardo, January 18, 2009:
Julio Lugo, SS, Red Sox: He's serious about competing for the shortstop job. He opted out of winter ball to devote his time to conditioning and has gained 20 pounds of muscle. Jed Lowrie will be challenged.
Cafardo, January 25, 2009:
I meant Julio Lugo had gained 10 pounds of muscle, not the 20 I incorrectly typed last week ...
Cafardo, February 16, 2009:
Lugo is about 10 pounds heavier after an offseason during which he not only healed his injured quad but decided to gain muscle, something he said he's been wanting to do for many years.
Cafardo and Amalie Benjamin, February 17, 2009:
Julio Lugo, who came in about 5 pounds heavier (seemingly all muscle) than he did last season, said he would have played in the World Series last fall had the Sox gotten that far.
Lugo slugged [sic] .330 last season, down from .349 in 2007. (In 73 games with Tampa Bay in 2006, he slugged .498.)

In four spring games this year, Lugo is 5-for-12, all singles.

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andy said...

The suckage continues. How is he doing against bonafide MLB pitchers, not just minor leaguers trying to earn a spot?