March 26, 2009

Buchholz Shines Against Reds

Six innings. Three hits. One unearned run. No walks. Three strikeouts.

Clay Buchholz's outing against the Reds yesterday lowered his spring ERA to 0.46 (one earned run in 19.2 innings).

It's the best spring that I've had. I came into spring training ready to make this club, but they went out and got a couple of guys and they're going to depend on those guys. ... If Pawtucket's where I'm going, I'm still pitching and I'm a phone call away. I know I can get big league hitters out now and I have more confidence going into this year.
John Smoltz, on his bullpen session:
As I'm taking these steps forward, I have to tame the beast because, as much as in my mind, I know what I'm going to be able to get to, I want to get there faster than I'm probably capable of getting there. I have to consciously remember to take my time, even though that's what I've been saying every day down here - "Take your time, take your time."
The Red Sox are off today, but Justin Masterson will start a minor league game against the Reds' AAA team.

The Rays have decided to have David Price begin the season in AAA Durham.


andy said...

Perhaps HH is ready to no-hit a real team now.

Unknown said...

Color me very happy each time the Red Sox get to face Jason Hammel instead of David Price!

The amount of potential our pitching staff has this year and in years to follow is simply staggering. Lester, Beckett, Dice-K, Buchholz, Hagadone, Bowden, Tazawa could ALL be aces or number 2's within a couple years. I don't know that I've ever seen anything like it.

Benjamin said...

Beckett's contract runs out after next year, so don't expect him to be around forever.

nixon33 said...

Do you think HH is pitching his way into the rotation? I heard that the Sox are hell bent on Masterson starting the year are in the rotation. I know this is a highly debated topic. Hmm...

And Benjamin: I hope Beckett is around forever.

allan said...

Laptop is almost certain to begin the year in Pawtucket, no matter what.

If Penny can't go -- but he seems to be doing quite well so far -- maybe he'd get a start or two.

Re Masterson: "hell bent"? Really?

Zenslinger said...

I think they stretched out Masterson so he could start if he needed to, i.e. if Wake and Penny bite it before Smoltz is available.

nixon33 said...

RS, thats what I've heard, anyway. They've been stretching him out, and according to Felger and Merloni (I know, I know) thats the report from the sox. They also say, yes HH is starting in Pawtucket no matter what, and the Masterson move is probably only until Penny can go.
Maybe hell bent was a bit extreme. Ha

Unknown said...

D'oh! I forgot about Masterson.

I don't expect to see Beckett in a uniform other than ours anytime soon. But Theo has surprised me before.