March 18, 2009

Red Sox Release Josh Bard

Chad Finn, Globe:
The Red Sox announced this morning that they have placed the 30-year old catcher on unconditional release waivers, indicating that George Kottaras -- a 25-year-old switch-hitter with power who is out of minor league options -- will make the Opening Day roster, though there remains the possibility the Sox could bring in another backstop via trade.
Michael Silverman, Herald:
Bard had been on an unguaranteed contract worth $1.6 million. By cutting him before 2 p.m. today, the Red Sox are responsible for only 30 days of Bard’s contract. That is approximately 1/6 of his salary or $260,000. Bard is now an unrestricted free agent.
Kottaras's minor league splits:
         AB    AVG   OBP   SLG
v LH 425 .264 .353 .409
v RH 1081 .261 .359 .449
The higher slugging against RHP is nice to see. Bard's career slugging against RH: .376. Varitek slugged .323 against RHP last season. Kottaras makes more sense as a platoon for Varitek. It could be that Bard was nothing more than Tek insurance.

With Kottaras out of options, the choice this spring was lose either Kottaras or Bard. Kottaras can hit from both sides, he's five years younger, he has caught a knuckler, and he's cheaper (though Bard's price tag was small).


mattymatty said...

Poor Josh Bard. It just doesn't seem to work out well for him in Boston. Hopefully he can catch on with another organization.

Benjamin said...

I kind of feel bad for Bard, but I guess that's the risk with a non-guaranteed contract.

Also Aaron Boone is out for the season with open heart surgery, proving isn't just Sox fans that he can give heart attacks.