March 30, 2009

Matsuzaka Pitches For Sox Today

Daisuke Matsuzaka threw 98 pitches in his last start -- in only 4.2 innings, sigh -- against the US in the WBC semi-finals.

Today at 1 PM, in his first outing for the Red Sox this spring, he'll be on a 70-75-pitch leash as Boston plays Atlanta in Kissimmee.

Dice's only other spring start will be against the Mets in New York this Saturday.


Peter N said...

Hi to you. We have all gotten used to Daisuke's nibbles around the strike zone, making his pitch count higher and higher. I hope he has as much success this year as last. We ALL do. Peter

Jere said...

We're scoreless in the fourth.

Benjamin said...

And tied in the sixth.

Jere said...

Roc'em sock'em dongs. Rocco HR, 2-2 in the sixth. Dice: 1 ER in 5 IP

Jere said...

Ped. doub. makes it 3-1 in the 7th.

Jere said...

3-2, mid 8th. I said 3-1 before, which was obviously wrong.

Jere said...

Tied at 3 after 10.

Jere said...

I was wrong about "end 10th"--Braves scored two on two doubles to win it in bottom 10.

Jere said...

Final boxscore shows "Cox" pitching last inning. Tony Mazz on XB claims Cabrera gave up the walk-off hit.

Zenslinger said...

My college friend has an interesting theory about A-Rod's injury and a Yankee attempt to avoid the spotlight. Comments are interesting, too.

Zenslinger said...

Question: which of our pitchers got incentives for relieving in his contract this year even though he's projected as a starter? Smoltz? Penny?

allan said...


Cot's (an amazing site, btw):

1 year/$5M (2009)
signed by Boston as a free agent 1/9/09

performance bonuses:

+ $0.5M each for 160, 170, 180, 190 IP

+ $0.5M each for 55, 65, 75 games or 35 games finished

+ $1M each for 200 IP or 50 games finished

allan said...

John Smoltz:

1 year/$5.5M (2009)
signed by Boston as a free agent 1/13/09

$5.5M in bonuses based on days on active 25-man roster:

+ $125,000 for his first day

+ $ 35,000 per day, June 1 - Oct. 3

+ $500,000 for Oct. 4