August 5, 2011

Ortiz Interrupts Francona's Press Conference: "I'm Bleeping Pissed"

An annoyed David Ortiz interrupted Terry Francona's press conference on Wednesday night.
Francona: "... throwing the split. He's been terrific. ... Who is that?"

PR Woman: "David."

Ortiz: "I'm fuckin' pissed. ["We need to have a talk" or "When your comments are up"], you and me."

Francona: "I'll be there in a minute."

Ortiz: "Okay. Fuckin' scorekeeper always fuckin' shit up."
Ortiz was angry at a change made by official scorer Chaz Scoggins in Wednesday's game, giving an error to left fielder Austin Kearns on Ortiz's first-inning single and erasing one of Tiz's two RBI. Ortiz declined further comment, saying the matter was "between me and Tito." (Scoggins explained his decision.)

Bleepin' video here; SoSH discussion here. Reactions range from Flo was busting Tito's chops (as he has done before) to who cares if Ortiz is annoyed about not getting an extra RBI to this could be a glimpse behind the curtain at the tensions in the clubhouse.

According to Peter Abraham, during last night's game, the Red Sox
posted a large red sign in the clubhouse that says, 'WHAT YOU SEE HERE, WHAT YOU HEAR HERE, STAYS HERE!' ... [T]hese are adult men. They really need signs with hackneyed slogans? The Red Sox should be more sophisticated than that.
Signs like this have been a part of baseball clubhouses for more than a half-century -- a fact Abraham should be aware of -- but this (re-posting?) seems connected to the Ortiz incident.


allan said...

I anxiously await the analysis of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver during tomorrow's broadcast.

9casey said...

Is it real , was really pissed?

And if so why would he approach Tito?

And if so ? Papi has to be above that..

People will have different takes on it. But in my opinion if it is true reeks of selfishness and just down right bratty..

I know we always try to think of the all the Red Sox being good guys picked on by the media , but the fact has to remain some of them might just be assholes. I mean we encounter assholes on a daily basis. I assume they have a few in that locker room.

allan said...

yeah, all that is mentioned in the sosh thread. tito can't do a thing about it, so why it is between him and tito? and if he burst in and was swearing about it in front of the writers, why decline comment later?

he's in a slump and likely annoyed at that, but still ... plus the red sox don't give a shit about how many RBI he has.

maybe it's nothing. i have no idea. but it'll be an item this weekend on the national broadcasts.

Crito said...

Yeah, I live in Rhode Island, and this has been the main topic on local sports radio. And yesterday all they wanted to talk about was A-Rod playing poker.

Let's hope the actual series is so good that the pundits leave the backstory alone.

(I dropped by toward the end of last season but haven't commented since. But I do still read JofS fairly often. Thanks for the good work.)

laura k said...

It does seem bratty or diva-esque or at least badly timed. But whatever it is, it's is surely a molehill out of which will be spun mountains.

laura k said...

You know, one time when we were doing anagrams of players' names, I came up with:

David Ortiz - Diva or Ditz?

I'm not saying he's either one, but it may have been a prophetic anagram.

allan said...

From G112:

The Herald's John Tomase notes that Tito and Tiz "were later seen laughing about it in the manager's office". Peter Abraham adds that Ortiz was "egged on by mirthful" Dustin Pedroia. And as far as the cursing, PeteAbe calls Tiz "the William Safire of obscenity".

Kevin Youkilis - the controversal R who was BI - says Ortiz should get two RBI, and thinks MLB will reinstate the original decision.

"David has every right to be upset. It doesn't matter what the third base coach does. ... If the runner never breaks stride, that's what matters. ... I was running as hard as I could. ...[T]o have the pitching coach from the other team call ... makes zero sense. I know I was running as hard as I could and never stopped. You can't assume an error."