April 19, 2012


In honour of Friday's 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park, here are three sections of a panorama, taken on Saturday, September 28, 1912, followed by individual player photos and some team pictures:
Jake Stahl, Manager/First Base

Bill Carrigan, Catcher, and Stahl

Steve Yerkes, Second Base

Heinie Wagner, Shortstop

Larry Gardner, Third Base

Duffy Lewis, Left Fielder

Tris Speaker, Center Fielder

Harry Hooper, Right Fielder

Joe Wood, Pitcher

Hugh Bradley, Pitcher

Buck O'Brien, Pitcher

Ray Collins, Pitcher

Lewis, Gardner, Speaker, Wagner

Pinch Thomas, Catcher

Les Nunamaker, Catcher

Hick Cady, Catcher

Team Photos

1912 World Series Photos here.


laura k said...

This is wonderful, thank you. So nice to see our friend Harry Hooper, and of course Smokin' Joe.

hrstrat57 said...

Fabulous stuff here. If I could time travel I think the 1912 WS would be my first stop!!

Bleacher seats on Duffy's cliff?

What was the ruling on a ball hit into those seats?

Were all the WS games played at Fenway or was Braves field used a bit in the teens? I seem to recall some games were moved to Braves field due to larger seating capacity.....I think Braves field had the biggest capacity in the bigs at the time?

9casey said...

There were more ads then , then there is now..

I wonder if the the players will all be introduced or just parade onto the field?

laura k said...

There were more ads then , then there is now..

But none between innings or during the game. Those signs were the only ads!

allan said...

The Red Sox used Fenway for the 1912 WS, but played the 1915 and 1916 WS in Braves Field (it had more seats). The 1918 games were at Fenway.

Brad said...

I LOVE these old photos. It is - to me - the essence of the romance of baseball:

Young athletes in their prime... now long gone... but their stats remain for us to think back on and enjoy / revile.

Happy Birthday Fenway. Thanks for the memories.

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks for posting all this stuff - Steve Yerkes is my great great uncle. I tell my sons that he's who's given them their baseball talent!

allan said...


Wow. Cool!