April 10, 2012

Rays Got Off to Worse Start Than Red Sox In 2011

It has been forgotten amid the September collapse, the chicken and beer stories, the change of managers (and general managers) and the craptastic opening-season series in Detroit - and it does not fit neatly into the media narrative, but the Tampa Bay Rays got off to a worse start last year than the Red Sox did, and through a series of improbable events, made the playoffs.

Kelly Shoppach:
Everyone wants to get off to a great start. But these guys did it last year, we did it down in Tampa last year. The standard has been set. It can be done. Last year they said it couldn't be done. It can be done. So, three games. If it was June, it wouldn't be that noticeable. But everything's exciting. Hell, I've already seen them show the standings on TV. Three games in, and we're already looking at standings?
AFTER        BOS    TBR
 6 games    0- 6    0-6
 7 games    1- 6    1-6
 8 games    1- 7    1-7
 9 games    2- 7    1-8
10 games    2- 8    2-8
11 games    2- 9    3-8
12 games    2-10    4-8
13 games    3-10    5-8
14 games    4-10    6-8
15 games    5-10    6-9
The 1-8 record for Tampa Bay is the worst (non-.000) winning percentage either team had through the first two weeks of 2011.

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