April 25, 2012

Ortiz: "I'm Having So Much Fun"

David Ortiz leads the American League with a .444 batting average and a 1.200 OPS.

He has 28 hits in April, a new career high for the month - with six games still left to be played. He has hit safely in 13 of Boston's 16 games, with nine multiple-hit games. His 28 hits are the most by a Red Sox player through the first 16 games of the season in 75 years (Joe Cronin, 30 in 1937; looking ahead to tonight, Cronin had 31 hits through 17 games).

Ortiz did set the club record for most hits through the first 16 games for a left-handed hitter, besting Harry Lord's 27 hits in 1910.

I'm having so much fun playing the game again. I love to be able to do things on the field that I couldn't do before. I'm running the bases better and harder [he says he has lost 25 pounds], hitting lefthanded pitchers and going the other way. Everything I've tried to get better with, I'm getting better with. ... I have given everything I have every minute I've played for the Boston Red Sox because I love the name. I love wearing that uniform. That means so much to me to wear it, and wear it for the rest of my career. ...

I don't even care about the shift anymore. When they do it, they're going to pitch me a certain way, but I know they're going to give me one pitch on the outside part of the plate, and that I try to drive to the opposite field. And if I keep doing that, they're going to pitch me in, in, and more in, and that's fine with me, too. ... I still have my power, but what's important for me is to get on base and drive in runs.
Ortiz is punishing all pitchers, batting .442 against righties and .450 against lefties. ... In his last 10 games, he is hitting .525 (21-for-40), with a .900 slugging percentage.

I'm a bad [expletive]. That's what it is.
Carl Crawford is getting a second opinion on his sore left elbow. Bobby Valentine: "He's been a little concerned." ... Various Red Sox media tweets posted at SoSH sound ominous.

Daisuke Matsuzaka made his first rehab start on Monday, putting up a 4-6-3-0-3 line for Salem (A); he threw either 57 or 58 pitches. His next start will be on Saturday for Portland (AA).

In his ten games since Jacoby Ellsbury was injured, Mike Aviles is hitting .395/.425/.737/1.162.

Mark Melancon has pitched in three games for Pawtucket: 3.1-3-0-0-6. He says he needs to pitch inside more often. "I've just got to be more aggressive ... It's not too complicated."

The Elias Sports Bureau reports that Cody Ross's two home runs on Monday night made him the first Red Sox player with a tying and winning home run, each in the seventh inning or later, since Dwight Evans on June 23, 1990.


9casey said...

I wasnt around last night, but i read the thread part about the bunt. Allan I believe that was called bunt. I can not say it enough how much I hate the bunt. I believe bunting is also against the Bill James ways of baseball. But Bobby has to bunt. The thing is he never bunts if Ellsbury was in the lineup. He has about 5 guys he can bunt with and it seems he will do it when he has the chance. And Aviles is one of your hottest hitters.

JAMES: Bunting is usually a waste of time. The - generally, yeah, I mean, if you think about it, bunt is the only play in baseball that both sides applaud. The - if the home team bunts, you get a base. The home team applauds because they get an out, and the other team applauds because they get a base. So what does that tell you? Nobody's really winning here.

allan said...

There are times when a bunt is called for, but they are rare.

If you look at run expectancy tables, you actually decrease your chances of scoring when you bunt a guy to second with 0 outs.

9casey said...

Especially a slow guy like shoppach. I mean he had Blackburn on the robes when he did it, and just took his foot off the gas...Always play for the big inning. And as a player I hated to bunt.

To me, it shows a lack of confidence in the player.. Unless of course that player is a pitcher.. But that is a whole other conversation.

Joe Gravellese said...

If there is an unholy combination of: a) an absolute need for exactly ONE run, disregarding probability of scoring over 1 and b) a shitty hitter/good bunter at the plate, then it makes sense. But those situations are rare

Joe Gravellese said...

If you're trying to play for one run any earlier than, like, the 8th inning, you're doing it wrong.

Jere said...

But you increase your chance of scoring when you bunt a guy from second to third with no outs, which is what last night's situation was. Granted, you decrease the expected total # of runs, but you increase the chance of scoring in general. If I'm reading that chart correctly.

As for bunting with a guy on first--is there anything that takes into consideration that you stay out of the DP when you bunt? I doubt the # of DPs cancels it out but I'm curious to see that.

9casey said...

Jere, Shoppach doubles, Blackburn was sucking, and one of your hottest hitters was up, bunt there and give them that first out? Just bad baseball. Bunts suck always will. Let that team rake and feel good about themselves. Aviles could have had a 5 hit night and another RBI. If it was Byrd who doubled , then maybe Shoppach bunts and Aviles drives him in. But that ground ball Sweeney hits Shoppach cant score on that you needed a deep fly ball or a hit and he should score on a hit anyway.... Just Bobby being Bobby..

Jere said...

I never gave my opinion on it, just reacting to what Allan said about there being a man on first. I mean the chart proves the benefit of what V did in that situation. There are + and - about bunting with man on 2nd, 0 out. And isn't believing a hitter is "hot" taboo these days anyway?

9casey said...

Sorry Jere , didnt mean to jump down your throat. I am just so against the bunt, it borders on crazy.