April 4, 2012

Is The New York Media Obsessed With The Red Sox?

I'll let you decide. This is the front page of today's Post.


nick said...

I love that the Red Sox log is larger than the Yankees'.

How'd they do on the logo, Jere? I can't keep 'em straight either.

allan said...

I believe they used the old, supposedly out-of-date logo.

allan said...

When a Marlin hits a dong, this happens.

(Not the music, that is a video bonus!)

Jere said...

Haha, no, they got it right!!! The Boston Herald still gets it wrong and the NY Post gets it right!

(The way to tell: Old uses BOSTON in blue, in a now defunct font. New uses BOSTON in red, in same font as RED SOX.)

allan said...

The Post's Joel Sherman picks the East:

Blue Jays
Red Sox


KEY PLAYER: Josh Beckett. He’s good enough and important enough to lead on and off the field, but as he showed late last year he could struggle on the mound and also lead the wrong way -- fried chicken and beer anyone. Easygoing Terry Francona is gone. How will the headstrong Beckett and the willful Bobby Valentine mix?

PLAYER WHO’LL NEED TO STEP UP: Daniel Bard. Assuming Clay Buchholz is healthy, he joins Beckett and Jon Lester to form a rotation Big Three. The uncertainty begins there. Bard had the most talent to help the back end of the rotation. But the pen again beckons if he can’t.

NAME YOU’LL GET TO KNOW: Jose Iglesias. Boston gambled by trading both of its veteran shortstops, Marco Scutaro and Jed Lowrie. Utility-esque Mike Aviles is the starter. But Iglesias is a Rey Ordonez-esque type who must show at Triple-A he can hit enough to bring his glove wizardry to the majors.

BIGGEST QUESTION MARK: Carl Crawford. He was not physically or emotionally prepared for Boston last year. He will begin the season on the DL because his wrist is still healing. How about his confidence?


The rest of the Post picks are here. One pick for 2nd, three for 3rd, three for 4th.

laura k said...

The way to tell:

Ask Jere!