April 20, 2012

Matsuzaka Begins Rehab Assignment On Monday

Daisuke Matsuzaka will begin a rehab assignment on Monday with Salem (A). He will pitch every five days and has a pitch limit of 75 for his first start.

Bobby Valentine:
Dice-K has been feeling pretty good. He's ready to start dealing with competition rather than rehabilitation. We'll monitor his pitches. He won't have any 30-pitch innings. He says he feels good.
Rehab assignments for pitchers can last 30 days, so Matsuzaka could be back with the Red Sox on or about May 23, less than a year after TJ surgery.


9casey said...

Is this good or bad?

allan said...

I think it's great. I have a possibly irrational hope that he can really help this year.

(And assuming no one is injured, it will force a move out of the rotation for (presumably) Felix or Bard.)

9casey said...

But Bard and Felix have not been that bad , but Bard could fill the role he had last year which we a better improvementthan having Dice. So addition by subtraction or something like that.

Maxwell Horse said...

I was under the impression that it was always a given that Bard wasn't going to be able to pitch a full season as a starter anyway. (??)

I unironically do believe that Dice-K will improve this team. After the surgery he may be as effective as he was in his first couple seasons. I know it's only been a few starts, but I kind of wish he'd replace Buchholz instead of either Bard of Doubrant.

nick said...

I am excited (or at least optimistic) for the return, but I worry this is part of a trend of him not expressing explicitly concerns about his pains, etc.