April 3, 2012

Bailey Having Thumb Surgery On Wednesday, Out 4-5 Months


Red Sox:
Andrew Bailey was examined yesterday by Dr. Mark Belsky and Dr. Matthew Leibman in Boston and today by Dr. Thomas Graham in Cleveland. It was determined that Andrew should undergo surgery to reconstruct the ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb. The surgery is scheduled to be performed by Dr. Graham tomorrow in Cleveland.
A Red Sox source told the Herald's Michael Silverman that Bailey will be out 4-5 months. ... Well, he'll be well-rested for the September stretch run.


allan said...

(OMG, Cafardo might be making sense.) If Bailey is going to be out for most of the season, maybe Bard should go to the pen. Bring on Aaron Cook.

allan said...

@ESPNStatsInfo: Nearly 58% of balls put in play vs Mark Melancon last yr were ground balls: highest rate among RP w/ 20+ saves.


allan said...

Roster Stuff:
Pedro Ciriaco to Pawtucket.

allan said...

Ciriaco, Spears and Repko not on flight to Detroit, confirming that last player chosen for final roster spot will be a 13th pitcher.

tim said...

Worry? Me?


This team, with Lackey/Dice-K/Wakefield in the rotation (and Varitek/Drew in the lineup) was near-unanimously predicted to romp all the way to the world series, while this year's compilation sans those players (and Papelbon) is supposedly in shambles and terrible, 3rd-4th place material.

Yes, not having a closer like Pap is a cause for a concern - but such a drastic drop?

Always better to be underrated than overrated.

Pokerwolf said...

Saw the Sox play the Nationals last night in their exhibition game in DC. Buchholz pitched well, although he gave up 2 HR for 4 runs (one of which was a barely-over-the-wall hit), but otherwise he did fine. I don't think he even gave up a walk. The offense was clicking, but the bullpen has me worried. The Sox won the game 8-7 by a 2-out putout at home in the 9th inning. It was 6-0 and Clay gave up 4 runs, but the only person from the bullpen who looked like they had their stuff was Aceves. The only "known" person I didn't see was Crawford. Was he even with the team?

It'll be interesting to see how the season goes, but I'm worried that this is a "hit a lot of runs to cover for the bullpen" team.