April 8, 2012

Old Man Moyer Set To Make History

Jamie Moyer is the #2 starter in the Colorado Rockies' rotation. He turned 49 years old last November. This season is the 25th of his career.

Rob Neyer:
... Jamie Moyer [is] the second-oldest man to start a game in Major League Baseball's long history [49 years, 141 days], and the oldest to start more than once.

In 1965, Satchel Paige started one game for the Kansas City Athletics. He was 58 years old, and pitched three scoreless innings against the Boston Red Sox. But that was obviously a stunt; it was Paige's first appearance in the majors since 1953, and would be his last.

Aside from Paige, the oldest major-league starter was Phil Niekro, 48 when he made 26 starts in 1987.
Moyer was credited with the loss last night against the Astros. His next win will make him the oldest pitcher to ever record a victory. Jack Quinn (1932 Dodgers) currently holds the current record at 49 years, 74 days.

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