April 27, 2012

Red Sox: Crawford Has Sprained UCL

The Red Sox announced yesterday that Carl Crawford has a "sprain" of his ulnar collateral ligament. A team source told the Globe that Crawford "could miss up to three months".

Nick Cafardo's article indicates that means three months from now, so it looks like early August would be the best case scenario for his return. Crawford believes he'll be back sooner.
I don't know where they got three months from. I'm good. It's just one of those things you can't control. I'm still looking forward to coming back strong.
The pessimist in me fears that sometime in July, we'll be told that he does need surgery.

The Red Sox have won four consecutive games and are hitting .350 as a team over their last six games. Individually, both Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Kevin Youkilis have started to make some noise at the plate.

Salty began the year 2-for-25, but he has 10 hits in his last 18 at-bats (.556). Yook was batting .174 through his first 13 games, but is 6-for-his-last-12. Also: Ryan Sweeney (.383) has hit safely in 15 of 16 games.

David Ortiz and Derek Jeter are tied for the American League lead in batting average, at .420. Tiz, who leads the AL with a .474 on-base percentage, has shown that those fans who thought he was cooked after 2009 (and I believe I was one of them) could not have been more wrong.

Gary Marbry of Nuggetpalooza notes that in the first three innings of games this year, Ortiz is batting 727 (16-for-22).

Down in Pawtucket, Will Middlebrooks is on fire. Through 20 games, the third base prospect is hitting .377/.429/.792/1.221, with nine home runs and 27 RBI. One NL scout said: "This guy is the (expletive) real deal."

Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy had an amusing conversation last night in the bottom of the seventh. Don borrowed a pair of gloves from an intern and referred to them as "mittens". This got Jerry more fired up than I have seen him in a long time: "MITTENS?!? Mittens don't have fingers! ... [sighs] 11 years of this." (Their exchange went on longer than this video, but it's a good sample)


Jere said...

I read that Middlebrooks article last night, and couldn't believe they used a pic of Iglesias, who's mentioned/quoted in one line in the piece. The version you link to has the same pic, only this time it's not even captioned! Leading the reader to believe it must be a pic of the person the article is about. But this is the Herald we're talking about.

allan said...

Speaking of Iglesias, he is slugging .221 in AAA. Slugging. .221.

Pokerwolf said...

That's a classic exchange between Don and Ol' Remmy.

Speaking of Iglesias, he is slugging .221 in AAA. Slugging. .221.


I'm trying to think of some kind of comment here, but that really does speak for itself.

MacLeodCartoons said...

It certainly was a brilliant Don Remy exchange. Hilarious, and just what I needed. I was watching NESN on my laptop with the White Sox on tv - their guys are still absolutely fckn unbearable.

9casey said...

I love Remy and Orsillo... I actulaly have yankee friends who when the Red Sox play the Yankees listen to the Nesn broadcast..

The mitten bit was hilarious, Orsillo actually thought because they were knitted that they were then mittens...