October 27, 2015

2015 World Series Contest Entries

Entries for the 2015 World Series contest:
           Mets or Royals     Combined Runs
Ben A      Royals in 5             40
Bernard S  Royals in 6             21
Angus2     Royals in 6             39
Dan C      Royals in 6             43
Tony S     Royals in 6             43
Bob S      Royals in 6             43
Jeffrey A  Royals in 6             45
Ralph N    Royals in 6             49
Tim R      Royals in 6             49
laura k    Royals in 6             67
Ralph N    Royals in 7             34 
allan      Royals in 7             55
Rick M     Mets in 5               13
Brett H    Mets in 5               33
Carlos C   Mets in 6               32
Benjamin B Mets in 6               33
Susan D    Mets in 6               34
Brendan R  Mets in 6               35
John Q     Mets in 6               41
John N     Mets in 6               42
Jere S     Mets in 6               42
Jude K     Mets in 6               42
Jeff M     Mets in 6               45
Microtal   Mets in 7               77


Jere said...

Wow. I sacrificed a true prediction this year, instead opting to use a random number generator to get my picks. And I end up smack in the middle of four other four-letter J names who picked basically the same thing as I did.

allan said...

With all the identical entries, my fear is that we will have multiple winners and I'll be buying books to mail out to people!

FenFan said...

I had to chuckle when I saw my prediction just about matched Jere's

FenFan said...

At the moment, there's a chance that there will be a sweep, in which case NO ONE will win

allan said...

The book is cursed!

Zenslinger said...

Don't worry, it will be rediscovered 86 years from now.