October 15, 2015

More Bautista Bat Flip Fun

Grant Bisbee, SB Nation: "The Blue Jays and Rangers were tied before the seventh inning started. It was a taut, well-played game. Then THE WORLD EXPLODED, and we're still trying to figure out what happened. A listing ... so far: ..."

Grant Bisbee, SB Nation: "Every Reason Why Blue Jays-Rangers Game 5 Was One Of The Best, Weirdest Games Ever"

Canadian Bat Flips Throughout History.

I cannot stop watching Bautista's bat flip.

However, Rangers relief pitcher Sam Dyson is most likely not looping that vine: "Jose needs to calm that down, just kind of respect the game a little more. He's a huge role model for the younger generation that's coming up playing this game, and I mean he's doing stuff that kids do in Wiffle ball games and backyard baseball. It shouldn't be done."

My advice to Mr. Dyson? If you don't want batters admiring their bombs, don't give them up! ... Anyway, earlier in the series, Dyson's teammate Derek Holland mimed wiping his ass with a Jays rally towel, so fuck the Rangers and their misplaced sense of decorum.

Meanwhile, pitchers make all kinds of gestures when they strike out a guy for the 3rd out (who is the idiot who mimes a bow and arrow?). When will Dyson lecture us about how those guys "respect the game"? (This kid's mind doesn't seem too damaged!)

I'd rather have more gestures like that, more taunting and trash talking, from both sides. The games would be even more entertaining.

ALCS Schedule
Game 1: Friday, October 16     at Kansas City   8:07 PM
Game 2: Saturday, October 17   at Kansas City   4:07 PM
Game 3: Monday, October 19     at Toronto       8:07 PM
Game 4: Tuesday, October 20    at Toronto       TBD
Game 5: Wednesday, October 21  at Toronto       TBD
Game 6: Friday, October 23     at Kansas City   TBD
Game 7: Saturday, October 24   at Kansas City   TBD
Also: jbox, Gaslamp Ball: "Padres leadership proudly showed off their newest acquisition of ex-Red Sox Broadcaster Don Orsillo today."


FenFan said...

When you break open a tension-filled deciding game in a postseason series, there's little to no reason NOT to flip the bat in celebration. On to KC!

allan said...

On a purely selfish note, the Royals winning their series means that the weekend games will be in KC, making it much easier for me to get home from work in downtown Toronto. (Being in masses of rabid Jays fans is not my idea of fun!)

Maxwell Horse said...

I love it how pitchers can pump their fists, point to the sky, grab their crotch, shoot imaginary arrows, Irish jigs, kiss their biceps and stare down the batter, do whatever kung-fu moves that K-Rod does... and it's all good.

But if you're a batter and you flip the bat, or don't run right away, you're "disrespecting the game."

I also like how Bautista provided a very bad example of behavior for the kids watching. However, if the Rangers hold onto that grudge until next regular season, and then retaliate by throwing a baseball directly at him--that's setting a good example!

Maxwell Horse said...

And that idiot miming the bow and arrow is, I believe, Mr. Askew Cap himself, Fernando Rodney.

Benjamin said...

I'd rather have more gestures like that, more taunting and trash talking, from both sides. The games would be even more entertaining.

I'd settle for having (1) less whining; and (2) and more mocking of the whiners who still insist on whining.

And if these whiners really like their unwritten rules so fucking much, then they should write them down and get them adopted by the rules committee. We shouldn't have games officially governed by one set of rules but secretly influenced by another set of rules, especially when there's no consensus about those rules, their penalties, etc.

allan said...

Rodney .. of course.
Man, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it when the Sox light him up.

allan said...

Canadians Go Wild ... But Politely!

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