October 9, 2015

Postseason Quadrupleheader Today

12:30 PM - Rangers at Blue Jays
 3:30 PM - Astros at Royals
 6:30 PM - Cubs at Cardinals
 9:30 PM - Mets at Dodgers
Note: Lester/Lackey in the Cubs/Cards game!


MLB Not Enforcing New Pace-Of-Play Rules During Playoffs
Joe Rodgers, The Sporting News
Major League Baseball's attempt to speed up the pace of play shaved, on average, six minutes off the length of regular-season games. But don't expect the time of games to drop well into the playoffs.

MLB has elected not to warn players for any pace-of-play violations for the postseason due to the importance of the games.

Even as commercial breaks in the postseason have increased, certain pitchers in the wild-card games still weren't ready to pitch within the recommended time frame. ...

"That is a critical time in a do-or-die playoff game that is very different than a routine regular-season game," said Chris Marinak, an MLB senior vice president via the New York Times. "If it takes a few extra seconds to make sure a player is ready in a critical situation, I think our fans can live with that."
MLB umpires will also not enforce the rule-book strike zone during the postseason. I wonder what other rules have they decided to suspend.


allan said...

There are sparsely-populated game threads, if you care.

allan said...

ESPN: Yankees manager Joe Girardi is defending his handling of the team this year, saying: "I did what I thought was right every day."

Hey, Joe, you know who else did what he thought was right every day? Hitler.

allan said...

I picked the Jays to win the ALDS - even picked them to win the pennant - but coming to work today and seeing all the bandwagon fans wearing their crisp new shirts and mint condition caps makes me want these doosh bags to see their team get swept. I'm sure there must be some long-suffering, intelligent Jays fans somewhere, but all the people I see at Skydome are ignorant, stupid fuckwits. And all these rah-rah Jays fans won't really give a shit when they lose, they'll just go back to whatever they were doing before the bandwagon pulled up.

allan said...

Extra innings at Skydome. Tied 4-4.

allan said...

Jays about to go down to Rangers 0-2.
If Toronto loses the ALDS, everyone remaining in the contest is out!

allan said...

Rangers 6, Blue Jays 4 (14) (TEX leads 2-0)