October 11, 2015

Ortiz, Dombrowski Excited For 2016

Over their last 44 games - more than one-quarter of the season - the Red Sox went 26-18, a winning percentage of .591 that translates into a 96-win season.

David Ortiz, who will be coming back in 2016 for his 14th season in a Red Sox uniform, is excited about the future of the team:
You see guys like Bogaerts, who just turned 23, having a hell of a season. You see Mookie Betts, another young talented player, having the season he has put together. You see guys like Rodriguez pitching the way he pitched. You see Jackie Bradley Jr., the way he performed once he came back up. Porcello, the way he finished the season. It's something that gives you a lot of hope. Now we have the new [executive] and a new GM, who you can already see how [consumed] they are about the following season. It's something I'm very excited about.
President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski is also optimistic:
I think if we can be a in position where we make a couple of the right decisions this winter and a couple of acquisitions through trades or free agency, I think we have a chance to contend very quickly and I'm excited about that.
The Red Sox have asked Hanley Ramirez to drop 15-20 pounds before spring training. ... Gordon Edes hands out his awards for the 2015 Red Sox.

1 comment:

Michael said...

So we beat on, boats against the current...
You know, I wouldn't be terribly offended if they did put together an actual winning record over an actual 162-game season next year. This cycle of optimism-hopelessness is getting on my nerves.
I do think they're in a good spot for next year, honestly. After the Punto trade everybody was talking about how we were going to go through a rebuild phase that would last until 2016-2017. We're almost there now. If anything, 2013 was the real fluke, and what a beautiful fluke it was.