October 4, 2015

G162: Cleveland 3, Red Sox 1

Red Sox   - 100 000 000 - 1  7  1
Cleveland - 012 000 00x - 3 10  0
Boston finished the season with a 78-84 record (a huge disappointment, but a seven-game improvement over 2014!).

The Red Sox also ended up in fifth/last place for the third time in four seasons.

Rick Porcello / Danny Salazar
Betts, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Ortiz, DH
Shaw, 1B
Castillo, LF
Swihart, C
Marrero, 3B
Bradley, RF
And then we came to the end ...

While Xander Bogaerts's chances of getting to 200 hits is remote (he has 195), Gordon Edes notes that Bogaerts "still has a chance to become the youngest player to lead the league in a non-strike season since 22-year-old George Brett led the AL with 195 hits in 1975". (Houston's José Altuve leads the AL with 197 hits.)


Dr. Jeff said...

Thanks again, Allan, for your efforts at keeping the site (and the game threads) going in a rough year. Much appreciated.

johngoldfine said...

Yes, Allan--what Dr Jeff said.

I don't comment much, but I'm always lurking, reading every post, and ever appreciative of JOS.

allan said...

You're welcome, though I don't think I do that much anymore.

Betts/Bogaerts: First MLB duo to hit at least .290 at age 22 or younger (and qualify for batting title) since Williams/Doerr, 1940 Red Sox.

mattymatty said...

so I guess I didn't win the win-loss prediction contest AGAIN

mattymatty said...

and yes, I echo the others Allan. Your efforts, regardless of what you think of them, are appreciated by many. Thank you.

allan said...

The Red Sox did even worse than what Lynch predicted! That tells you it was a very bad year!

FenFan said...

I can't say enough about your efforts, Allan, to keep up with what's happening with the Sox every season. You are an extraordinarily talented and throught provoking writer. I'm glad that you continue to keep the blog and the forum active year after year after year.

Hopefully, at this time next year, we'll be looking forward to more October baseball, something along the lines of what we enjoyed in 2004, 2007, and 2013.

hrstrat57 said...

Thanks from me also Allan.

2 tough years in a row and you hung in there. Well played I say!

allan said...

2 tough years in a row and you hung in there.

It's easy when you don't bother to watch the games.