October 5, 2015

Everyone Loves A Contest #18: 2015 Postseason

When it came to predicting the Red Sox's 2015 won-loss record, JoS readers were, once again, an extremely optimistic bunch. The guesses ranged from 82-103 wins, but the Olde Towne Team finished at 78-84.

So the contest prize - a paperback copy of Peter Golenbock's Red Sox Nation: The Rich And Colorful History Of The Boston Red Sox - will be rolled over to a Postseason Contest.

This is probably too tough, but what the hell. Correctly predict the winner of every postseason series.

An example:
ALWC: Astros over Yankees
ALDS: Blue Jays over Astros
ALDS: Royals over Rangers
ALCS: Blue Jays over Royals
NLWC: Cubs over Pirates
NLDS: Cubs over Cardinals
NLDS: Dodgers over Mets
NLCS: Cubs over Dodgers
WS:   Cubs over Blue Jays
Contest entries must be emailed to me before the first pitch of the Astros-Yankees game (Tuesday, 8 PM).


allan said...

C.C. Sabathia Enters Alcohol Rehab, Will Miss Playoffs

"Today I am checking myself into an alcohol rehabilitation center to receive the professional care and assistance needed to treat my disease."

allan said...

Management Have Always Been Dicks

"October 5, 1911 - The National Commission sells motion picture rights to the World Series for $3,500. When the players demand a share of it, the Commission cancels the deal."

laura k said...

Even the most pessimistic JOSer was too optimistic for this season!

allan said...

The "experts" at ESPN like the Blue Jays.

allan said...

ESPN: "Of our 23 baseball analysts surveyed, none have New York making it past the ALDS this postseason. There aren't many that have the Yankees winning Tuesday's wild-card game, either."

FenFan said...

70 years ago today, Billy Sianis and his pet billy goat are ejected from Wrigley Field during Game 4 of the 1945 World Series. Since then, the Cubs have failed to return to the Fall Classic.