October 31, 2015

Stuff To Read

Al Yellon, Bleed Cubbie Blue: "TBS' Baseball Coverage Is Awful. Here's Why."

Anna McDonald, Just A Bit Outside: "Complete Story Of Controversial, Emotional, Downright Crazy 1985 World Series"

Rany Jazayerli, Grantland: "The 15 Biggest Plays In Baseball History"
Note: There is no way you will correctly guess the top play.
David Schoenfield, ESPN: "Are You Ready For Robot Umpires In The World Series?"
Yes. Yes, I am.
Max Rieper, Royals Review: "No, Noah Syndergaard Did Not 'Announce His Presence With Authority'"
As Rieper writes: "Together, we can end false sports narratives in our lifetime."


allan said...

Kansas City Star: "If you don't like Fox's Joe Buck, you're not alone"

allan said...

The Royals will not be denied.
Brisbee on the WS

allan said...

November Baseball!