October 23, 2015

NY Times Presents Mets Sweep of Cubs In 1908-Style Prose

D. Francis Barry, New York Times:
The New York Metropolitans claimed decisive possession of the National League base-ball pennant on enemy turf here at Wrigley Field on Wednesday night, sweeping the Sisyphean Chicago Cubs in four games to earn their ducats to next week's World Series championship.

The Metropolitans — also known as the "Mets" — sent six safely across the plate before the third inning, mostly as a result of the derring-do of their Bunyanesque first-sacker, Lucas Duda. The mighty Californian smote a home run and a double to tally five of those six runs before the Cubs seemed to comprehend that a game concerning their possible erasure from the 2015 field was well underway.

The ignominious rout of the valiant but overmatched hometown squad turned the deafening cheers of the Chicago multitudes into plaintive keens, for now their agonizing wait for another championship — the last in 1908, during the presidency of the rough-riding Theodore Roosevelt — must continue. ...
The Times gets major points off for not using the then-common "World's Series".

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From Alex Speier:
"NESN announced that Jerry Remy will return as its primary analyst for Red Sox games in 2016, though he will work in a reduced number of games as the network integrates Dennis Eckersley and Steve Lyons into its broadcast booth to work alongside new play-by-play man Dave O'Brien."