June 9, 2008

Ellsbury Takes BP; May Return Tuesday

Jacoby Ellsbury took batting practice on Monday.

He may be back in the lineup tomorrow night when the Orioles visit Fenway: "That would be what we'd be shooting for."

Daisuke Matsuzaka played catch, making 60-70 throws at distances of up to 180 feet. He will play catch again on Tuesday and is scheduled to throw a bullpen on Wednesday.
Jon Lester told Rob Bradfod that he has no idea why he was suspended:
They didn't give a justified reason. I didn't get thrown out, and I didn't hit anybody on purpose. ... [Bob Watson] said, "You hit Crawford with a curveball and guys are hitting guys with curveballs now." It's stupid. ... It really is B.S. that I got suspended and Shields, the guy that hit somebody, only gets one more game than me.
David Ortiz will have his wrist evaluated in another week. The antsy DH says he'll probably stay in Boston when the team travels to Cincinnati (June 13-15) and Philadelphia (June 16-18).

Guess what? The Red Sox are cursed again.


andy said...

How about you shut the fuck up idiot. I thought that article was going towards the all this bad shit happened and they are still in first place with a positive lunge forward during the bad injury time. I thought it was gonna be sarcasm about the curse. All fact lead you to the fact that in cannot be anything but sarcasm. That article did not flow right. I fucking hate all that bull shit. We have had the worst road schedule so far and have had the worst injuries and still we remain tied in wins with destiny's Cubs.

andy said...

Thank you for the idiot's guide to the curse too asshole. Thanks. Your words will defeat the Redsox this year. Your words alone.

allan said...

FJM: "[yikes]"

Rob said...

Heh. Curse. I don't ever want to be driving on the roads with this guy anywhere near me. He'd probably swerve his car into mine, sending me off a cliff. His excuse would obviously be that when you merge or you want to move into the other lane, and someone's there, you can just push them out of the way with your car.

And psssst. With all of the Red Sox injuries, there have been guys who have stepped it up and made each injury not hurt so bad for the team. Every scenario. Someone has stepped up. More than just someone. Bunch of guys.

Zenslinger said...

One move I cannot see happening is bringing in Barry B*nds. Think about the disruption to the clubhouse chemistry, this move would far outweigh any bat production. It would be like replacing Madame Curie with Dr. Doom.

Amen to that.

Patrick said...

And in delightful news, the Yankees lost again to the RoyAAAls.

Jose Guillen homered off Rivera for the second time in three days. I like that guy a lot. Next time he comes to Fenway he should get Ked, but besides that, free beers.

Jack Marshall said...

Jeez, Andy---that article is too desperate and stupid to get upset about, don't you think? It virtually screams "Christ, I have a deadline and nothing to say!" Incoherent, disjointed, not clever or original---reads like a 12-rear old wrote it.

Then again, Dan S's writing about the "other" curse wasn't much better, and look how far THAT got.

Benjamin said...

It's even harder to take someone seriously when his name consists of two nicknames.

Bill Chuck clearly just noticed that "Carpi UlnaRis ShEath" could be concatenated to spell "curse" and ran with it.

But you know who else has a carpi ulnaris sheath? The entire MFY lineup, all MFY coaches, and management. Every single one of them. In both arms.

You know who else has one? Bill Chuck. His column is cursed.

Jere said...

One of the things I joked about with Yankee fans is how when we finally win the World Series, they'll say something like, "oh yeah, well you haven't won TWO IN A ROW since...." And then when we win two, they'd say we hadn't won three, etc.

How fucking hilarious is it that a Yankee fan ACTUALLY DID THAT? That guy is hardly credible in any way, though, it's just some shitty blog that for some reason gets picked up by a major source. I checked one of his other articles, and it was chock full of mistakes, which were pointed out by readers in comments. I would guess, honestly, that the man is mildly retarded.

Patrick--the Yanks' game thread from yesterday was in the White Stripes post. We had it covered:)