June 1, 2008


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A list of Manny Ramirez's 500 career home runs. (Most of his homers have come with the game tied. And he has hit four dongs on 3-0 counts.)

Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Jimmy Foxx are the only players in history with at least 500 home runs and a higher career batting averages than Manny's .312. (Here is a list of the nine players with 500+ homers and a .300+ career average.)

As soon as I hit it I knew it was gone, so I was happy to move on. It feels great, especially with me trying so hard the past three weeks to get it done. It finally came and I'm happy and I'm proud of myself [and] all the things I have accomplished. So now I can go and have fun.
Video, video.

Damon Woo caught the 500 ball and presented it to Ramirez after yesterday's game. Manny was grateful, but told Woo and his brother that they could keep it overnight and return it today.

Kevin Millar:
I'm happy for him. He's got a uniqueness about him that makes him easy to like. He looks like a Brazilian rain forest guy.


Jack Marshall said...

Congratulations to Manny. It was great seeing him reach this milestone, and the media's late realization that the man is not just an all-time great hitter but among the elite class of the all-time hitters should finally garner something close to the respect he deserves. Williams, Ruth and Foxx---wow.

allan said...

"He looks like a Brazilian rain forest guy."

So we know Cabin reads the news. ... Amazing story, by the way.

allan said...

More Manny stuff.

Jack Marshall said...

Thanks so much for that link, redsock---I would have missed it, and it's excellent and revealing.

allan said...

Great. I was thinking you would enjoy it. But I wasn't sure if anyone would wander back here.

laura k said...

Yay Manny! Yay for Brazilian rainforest guys, too.

tim said...

Thanks for the links Allan.

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