June 6, 2008


Games Suspended
Red Sox           Rays
Coco Crisp, 7 James Shields, 6
Jon Lester, 5 Jonny Gomes, 5
Sean Casey, 3 Edwin Jackson, 5
Carl Crawford, 4
Akinori Iwamura, 3
Lester began serving his suspension on Friday. With the Red Sox off on Monday, Lester will simply get an extra day of rest and make his next start on Thursday night. Casey has until June 14 to decide whether to appeal his suspension.

Photo by Bob Breidenbach/Providence Journal (more photos and links)


andy said...

I still don't know why the umps didn't act on lester during the game.
what more could the league see that the umps did not.

I do think its funny that the good ol boy mayor Casey got some days. I wonder if he will be patting the Rays on the ass at first from now on.

andy said...

As I write this I see that it is tomorrow for Allan and most of you and I wonder, how is the weather tomorrow?

9casey said...

They argued that same thin on the postgame last night , about lester's intent.....Didn't MLB show they would do this , when they suspended Farnsworth for missing Manny....

s1c said...

So, let me get this straight - charging the mound and thowing a punch is bad.

Throwing punches at a player while he is pinned by another player is also bad, just not as bad as charging the mound.

Watson - shows his anti Red Sox bias again.