June 17, 2008

G74: Red Sox 3, Phillies 0

Red Sox  - 020 001 000 - 3  7  0
Phillies - 000 000 000 - 0 7 0
Lester was strong (7-6-0-1-5, 98) and Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo provided the offense. Crisp hit a two-run home run in the second. In the sixth, he singled, stole second and third and scored on Lugo's double.

Ryan Howard struck out swinging four times, earning himself what some call the "golden sombrero"; I prefer "golden shower".

Jon Lester (3.43, 128 ERA+) / Jamie Moyer (4.12, 106 ERA+)

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Jack Marshall said...

I would think we'd be on a Mike Timlin death-watch. He hasn't really hurt the team much, at least as much as I thought he would, but when your ERA is over 7 at mid-season, you have to be hearing footsteps. Other former Sox bullpen stalwarts were dumped around this time in similar straits---Greg Harris, El Guapo, Allan Embree. How much longer can Timlin avoid the inevitable?

charlie pioli said...

Does anybody know if the MLB is allowing Johnny Pesky in the Redsox dugout again? I know last year Bob whatever his last name is was being an asshole and they kicked him out. And I signed some petition to let him back in.