June 4, 2008

Ortiz: The Two Week Wait

David Ortiz's left wrist is in a cast and all he (and we) can do is wait:
The problem right now is the pain. Every time I move my hands around, I feel the pain.
Theo Epstein:
The integrity of [Ortiz's] tendon hasn't been compromised at all. That's why the doctors are pretty confident that to immobilize it in this hard cast for a period of time, there's a pretty significant chance it will heal itself in that time period, and we'll know it will have because David will be pain-free and not tender. When he gets out of the cast, it will have resolved itself and he will start his progression.
The doctor says 70 to 80 percent of the people that have this, when they get a cast, it normally goes back. I have clicking when I move my hand. If the pain goes away, that's the main key. If the pain goes away and I still have the clicking, then I can probably play through it and maybe fix it after the season.
Terry Francona:
I've talked to David four times and he's had four different outlooks.
Why that swing? I've taken a million swings. Why that one? It's just crazy. I can't figure it out. Everything was going good. Why does that have to happen now? ... No one wants surgery on their wrists. That's the last thing you want. But if that's how it has to be, we'll see. I just don't know if you can ever be the same after that. ...
Michael Silverman reports that "a club source said [Barry Bonds] is not a fit for the team".

More Theo:
We are well-prepared to look at internal options. In this case, we've got Chris Carter, Brandon Moss and Jeff Bailey all tearing the cover off the ball in Triple A. Those guys deserve opportunities up here to show what they can do. We also have Sean Casey, who is swinging the bat well all season, who may see more playing time now. And we also have talented outfielders as well. I think there are a lot of places to turn internally -- not to replace David's production because that's impossible but for legitimate bats, we have places to turn.
We'll know a lot more on or about June 16.


Jere said...

And apparently Papi's T-shirt worn in the clubhouse yesterday said, "I still love white people." They brought this up on Tito's radio interview and Tito went into a big thing about how he's proud of the way his team is and how skin color doesn't matter and stuff, it was pretty cool.

Jack Marshall said...

It's fascinating reading the various reader comments on web stories about this---scary, actually. Wishful Yankee fans writing that the Sox are "in big, big trouble" without Papi; a couple of clueless fans saying "he wasn't hitting that well anyway," the sadly predictable comment that since this involved tendons, it is "further proof" that Papi was a steroid user. And a few, just a few, attentive souls who note that the Red Sox are better equipped depth-wise to weather a major loss like this than anyone else.