June 21, 2008

G77: Cardinals 9, Red Sox 3

Cardinals - 440 000 100 - 9 12  0 
Red Sox - 020 001 000 - 3 6 0
After Dice departed three batters into the second inning, Chris Smith made his major league debut: 4-3-1-0-3, 45.

Cora doubled in two runs in the second and Drew hit his 14th home run in the sixth.


Mitchell Boggs (5.56, 75 ERA+) / Daisuke Matsuzaka (2.53, 171 ERA+)

After two days in Bonavista with no internet possibilities -- which may have been offset by eating piles of crabs that had been living in the bay only hours earlier (the evening "snack" promised us by our B&B hosts) -- we are now in Twillingate, at a hotel with wireless.

I could not remember what time today's game started (I was hoping it was at 7, which would be 8:30 out here), so I logged on -- and saw Troy Glaus's grand slam give the Cards a very early 8-0 lead. A bad roll of the Dice today, clearly.

Looking at Friday's box, I see Lugo hit a dong -- and made two errors. What else have I missed?


Amy said...

Hi, A & L, hope all is well. Life just isn't the same without you guys. Even DiceK can't get much done without you here to cheer him on!!

Have a great time. Enjoy those crabs.

Jack Marshall said...

What have you missed?

Well: Drew is still hot; Lugo still has fielding jitters; Dice-K looked like he hadn't SEEN a baseball for a month; Aardsma has struck out the side in two outings in a row and looks like he should be the set-up man,as Okajima still is shaky and Hansen still can't throw strikes consistently. Schilling is about 98% done for his career, and all the media chatter is over whether he is a Hall of Fame. Me, I'd tend to say yes, since I think Drysdale and Hunter legitimately belong and Schilling (and even more so Luis Tiant) has as good a case as either of them.

No fun out here without you guys. Miss you.

allan said...

More great news!

"Mike Timlin has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with left knee tendonitis."


9-3 final. Pfft.

Jack Marshall said...

I want to see Charley Zink!