June 30, 2008

G85: Rays 5, Red Sox 4

Red Sox - 000 101 002 - 4  8  1
Rays - 100 210 10x - 5 6 0
Third straight loss -- each by one run.

Now 1.5 GB.


Justin Masterson (3.43, 125 ERA+) / James Sheilds (3.76, 108 ERA+)

AL East showdown!
           W   L   PCT    GB   RS   RA  EXP REC
Rays 49 32 .605 --- 382 327 46-35
Red Sox 50 34 .595 0.5 424 351 49-35
Yankees 44 38 .537 5.5 385 364 43-39
Orioles 41 39 .513 7.5 364 367 40-40
Blue Jays 40 43 .482 10.0 344 316 45-38
Masterson earned his second career win against Tampa Bay on June 3, a 7-4 decision at Fenway Park. It wasn't his most dominant performance, as he allowed four runs on six hits during six innings of work, but it did set the tone for the three-game set, which the Red Sox swept to regain first place in the AL East. Masterson's last start was very similar to that game against the Rays; he allowed four runs on seven hits against Arizona on Tuesday.

Shields is coming off a resounding victory over the Marlins on Wednesday night in which he broke a seven-game dry spell to notch the win. He tossed seven innings of four-hit ball ... He will face a new rival in the Red Sox, as he was one of five Rays suspended after the on-field melee at Fenway on June 5. Monday's game will be the 27-year-old's fourth appearance against the Red Sox this year. ... [Shields] sports an impressive 1.99 ERA in home starts.
In his last four games, Dustin Pedroia is 12-for-16.

Also: Pawtucket CF Jon Van Every hit three home runs against Rochester on Sunday afternoon. ... Starter Devern Hansack extended his scoreless streak to 23 innings; the PawSox record is 27.2 (Rob Woodward, 1986).


Jack Marshall said...

Of course, ESPN waited for the Rays to edge ahead of the Sox to pronounce them the best team in baseball today---never mind little things like run differentials, a soft schedule lately and the fact that a lot of the Rays wins have come from back-up catchers and pinch-hits from Gabe Gross. I think the Rays are good....I also think the Sox should be 5 games ahead of them at this point.

skb said...

I was at the Paw Sox game in Rochester. All I can say is...WOW. All of the power hitting was great to see from the next wave of the future. Van Every was amazing to watch at the plate. HBP in his first at-bat, and relentless each AB afterward. Very locked in.

Living in NY, even Western NY, I gotta take my Sox however I can get 'em. Yesterday was a fantastic day for the club.

Left during the 7th inning stretch and the torrential rain started halfway home.

Amy said...

I am glad you guys are having a great vacation, though I am looking forward to your return. Watching these last few games without others to commiserate with has been truly depressing....

SoSock said...

Back in business tonight, aren't we?

Jack Marshall said...

If the Sox bring back Buchholtz, as they should, and demote Masterson rather than sending back Cris Smith and saying a fond goodbye to White Flag, they are nuts.
And that's just what they'll do, I bet.

Boston's Tenth said...

Buchholz has to come up and they will almost definitely send Masterson down because I don't think they want him pitching in relief. I'd love to see Lowrie come back up too because the Pig Julio Lugo is killing us and Cora is not the answer.